NYX Introduces BB Cream for Spring 2014

nyx bb cream
You read that right NYX has introduced a new BB Cream to their permanent collection for Spring 2014 that will be available in three shades.

Have I gained your interest?

NYX BB Cream will be available in three shade selections with an oil-free formula that primes, hydrates, brightens and adds a touch of color to your face.


  • Nude (light medium with beige undertones)
  • Natural (light medium with peach undertones)
  • Golden (medium with golden undertones)

I was surprised there isn’t a mention of SPF in the formula!

You can get yours now for $13 at NYXCosmetics.com.

  • 1/22/14 14:40 Anna:

    Thank goodness for no SPF! I am allergic to most SPF and companies insist on cramming it into every skin product :-) After reading so much SPF research, I’m not even sure it works once applied after a few hours.

    So, yay! no spf in NYX :-)


    • 1/23/14 8:23 AnniLau:

      From what I’ve read, chemical sunscreens do lose efficacy after a few hours and should be reapplied. Physical blockers like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are good for as long as they’re on your skin.

      I like Neutrogena’s Pure & Free liquid, although I’m currently using Cerave’s newish sunscreen, since the store was out of the other and I couldn’t wait for a restock. It seems sort of…sticky.


    • 9/1/14 23:31 Snorky:

      SPF just means Sun Protection Factor. It’s not an actual ingredient.


  • 1/22/14 18:27 Bea A.:

    Tried this on the back of my hand in the store…it definitely felt a bit heavy but provided medium coverage. There was little smell and a thicker, more creamier consistency. Didn’t get it though since I didn’t need anymore face coverage products xDD


  • 1/22/14 19:21 Heather:

    I bought this during the recent Ulta F&F sale and I love it. It was a bit shiny, but when mixed with Loreal Magic BB it is a perfectly natural finish with light coverage that covers my redness but still shows my freckles. Once again, NYX has created an amazing product and I highly recommend anyone try it.


  • 1/22/14 20:35 Nicole:

    I understand that cosmetics companies can’t make a shade for every skintone, but could they at least, you know, try a little harder than this?


  • 1/23/14 1:10 Lacy:

    I like no spf because they the product doesn’t expire as fast either! Plus most of us get spf from our moisturizer anyway!

    @anna, sorry to hear you’re allergic, that’s gotta be a bummer with limited selection on make up these days :(


  • 1/23/14 23:07 Heather:

    Sounds interesting. Glad it doesn’t contain an SPF. I use my own zinc sunscreen.


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