Oh Hello!

Hello Toothpaste

Shrug…some new toothpaste I picked up at CVS, the packaging captivated me so I had to try it! Ya know, gotta use that packaging excuse for spontaneous purchases.

“But the packaging was so cute I needed to buy it for that reason alone” Because that really makes it all logical and just.

  • 1/30/14 19:31 Brianna:

    I’ve been using it. I like it, it’s mostly natural and what not. The only annoying thing is trying to get it out of the bottle once it gets 75% empty.


    • 1/31/14 9:37 Isabella Muse:

      I dunno if I like it yet, kinda does foam up enough!?


  • 2/1/14 12:45 Tanya:

    I’ve tried the Sweet Cinnamint one and Mojito Mint. They do taste very good, but I still kind of feel like regular toothpaste works a bit better. I still want to try the grapefruit one too though.


    • 2/3/14 15:13 Isabella Muse:

      Agreed! I only tried the sweet mint, liked it, but my teeth didn’t feel fully clean…So I followed up with crest ;-D


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