Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor Who Costume Revealed

Curious how Peter Capaldi will look when he graces out screen in Fall 2014? My Doctor had the legendary scarf and fedora, the 9th came back with a rather wicked leather check, the 10th? It was all about that trench coat! And 11? A box tie and a fez comes to mind.

As for the 12th apparently he comes back as a magician?

12th doctor whop

Not sure I like it but I’ll get used to it one can hope.

What do you think?

  • 1/27/14 20:46 Maureen:

    I believe it’s a take on Jon Pertwee’s (the Third Doctor) red-lined cloak.


    • 1/28/14 9:13 Isabella Muse:

      looks like it but combined with the come hither post it makes him look like he belongs in vegas ;-D


  • 1/27/14 21:46 Littlecreek81:

    Love the coat. Absolutely love it. But ae those skinny…trousers? The ankles confuse me. Either way I dig it.


  • 1/28/14 0:01 cel:

    I was instantly disappointed when I first saw it :( At least unbotton it? IDK. Still excited for him though!


  • 1/28/14 8:07 Jacqueline:

    Looks like he’s channeling David Copperfield …


    • 1/28/14 9:05 Isabella Muse:

      or Burt Wonderstone


  • 1/28/14 9:18 Courtney:

    My first reaction was basically a groan of despair. But after closer inspection I feel like the issue is really just the pose which leads to the magician’s cape image :/


    • 1/28/14 9:27 Isabella Muse:

      agreed, the post is very weird where’s his screwdriver and why the “hocus pocus” come hither pose!?


  • 1/28/14 9:40 diane:

    i don’t want to judge it on it’s own because it might fit him and his personality when the time comes =)


    • 1/28/14 9:57 Isabella Muse:

      true true!


  • 1/28/14 10:08 Sarah S.:

    TBH I see nothing wrong with a magician-type Doctor.


  • 1/28/14 11:38 Pamela:

    I think this costume is a nice transition from the previous costume even if I’m not in love with it yet. The long coat is slightly Victorian looking and the overall outfit would not look out of place in various time periods. Plus, the Doc Martens!


  • 1/28/14 12:58 Jess:

    Personally, I like it. I’ve never watched old-school Doctor Who, I started with Eccleston’s Doctor, but I’ve seen the previous Doctor costumes and I think most of them were stuffy and silly even during their own eras. I was worried that they’d make Capaldi look like a dotty old man. I really like how clean and timeless this is while still being modern. And I distinctly remember hating Matt Smith’s costume when photos of it first came out but he really made it his own so I’m definitely reserving judgement until I watch it in action first.


  • 1/29/14 10:10 Ruth:

    and look at that pelvic thrust that will drive you insai-i-i-ine!


    • 1/29/14 10:16 Isabella Muse:

      lol don’t bust a hip there Peter!


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