Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Color Correction Cream Review & Swatches

Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Color Correction Cream8

Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Color Correction Cream is one of two new CC Creams that the brand is launching for Spring 2014 which will add the the permanent collection.

This CC Cream is formulated with an SPF 20 and is supposedly 100% free of harsh chemicals, preservatives, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and colors and is also 100% Cruelty Free.

Take a look

Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Color Correction Cream

Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Color Correction Cream is available in a Light and Light/Medium shade selection. This is formulated with natural and organic ingredients according to the brand to brighten and perfect while hydrating and protecting. It supposedly has organic lemon to help reduce dullness and brighten skin as well as light reflecting pigments that blur the imperfections as well as blue agave for moisture and acai palm which improves the surface of skin so moisture locks in.

Reading the box it sounds like an absolute dream product.

Personally, thus far, many US CC Cream formulas are terribly disappointing to me. CC Cream is typically available in a single white self adjusting shade in Asia and is less pigmented than a BB Cream formula and acts to correct skin which can be used alone or under your favorite BB Cream.

In the US one of two different things happened with CC Creams which is brands either went beefier with the formula and they got more pigmented or the brands went even lighter with the texture so you get very sheer color without any true correcting abilities.

This is the case with Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Color Correction Cream, it’s just too sheer. I grabbed up the Light/Medium and it is suitable for medium and tanned tones as it is quite sheer and the color is quite dark, dunno they they don’t just call it Medium.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Color Correction Cream swatches

I don’t love the texture on this. It feels a bit too runny to me. It has a gel-like consistency but the watery texture feels like it separated somehow and gives the formula a more runny look. It absorbs easily when applied, doesn’t accentuate dry areas on my face, and dries down to a satin finish with a slight hydrating feel when first applied. The shade really dulls out my skin though! I already have duller, drier skin and this just adds to that appearance and doesn’t brighten it or produce a more healthy appearance. It also wears an extremely short time, my skin just sucks it up so I get about an hour in before the color just fades away.

It really failed for me at the basic elements of a CC Cream. It didn’t even my skin tone, didn’t really correct due to sheerness of the product, and just didn’t give me an overall good finish.

This formula just feels like a step down from a tinted moisturizer.

Overall, I think Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Color Correction Cream really misses the mark as a CC Cream. A good CC should give you a your skin but better finish but this barely hydrates never mind perfecting or even evening out skin tone.

No like.

You might be safe skipping it.

Tried it already?

Please do share!

Love to hear your thoughts!

Available now at drugstores.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Color Correction Cream4

Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Color Correction Cream5


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 1/29/14 17:47 Katelyn Kim:

    I bought this CC cream about a month ago in the light shade. I didn’t mind the consistency of it, and felt like it covered well. However I did notice that it dulled out my skin quite a bit. Also, after a few hours of wear…it looked grey! It almost looked like I was wearing a mask. i gave it two more tries before deciding this just wasn’t a good CC cream.


    • 1/30/14 9:28 Isabella Muse:

      oh no :( first application it ended up that way for me and oxidized a fair bit :-/ sigh!


  • 1/29/14 21:22 Vanessa P.:

    I personally loved this CC cream Muse! I loved that it is organic, hydrating, and has SPF. Did you shake the product before using it…its a must because it does separate like you said!


    • 1/30/14 9:19 Isabella Muse:

      happy to hear it vanessa!!!!!!! :) i did indeed! But it was still quite runny :(


  • 1/30/14 10:36 Leah:

    I actually really love this cc cream. It seems to hydrate my dry skin & the coverage is better than I expected. I didn’t notice dulling, but I’ll keep an eye out for that next time I wear it. I’m guessing its the physical sunscreen in it (which I prefer over chemical but can be tricky to get to look right). My only complaint is the shade selection- a bit orange for my tastes & the light/med was too dark for me.
    Overall I prefer CS whipped, but I keep this in my bag for quick, post workout coverage :)


    • 1/30/14 11:01 Isabella Muse:

      yay! happy to hear it Leah! 😀 I think that’s the problem, the orange oxidizes further once on and it just dulls me out badly :(


  • 1/30/14 14:59 Rachael H:

    I am honestly LOVING this CC cream – my only regret is I didnt snag the $3 off coupon – it is pricey! It adds such a lovely brightness to my light complexion, wears like a dream. My skin is combo, BTW, with an oily tzone. I only blot occasionally throughout the day, and have not experienced any oxidation at all. I’m contributing it’s wear and longevity to setting powder – I’ve been using Maybelline’s Dream Wonder powder pressed in to my tzone.


    • 1/30/14 15:35 Isabella Muse:

      yay happy to hear it! 😀 I’ve really love the Super CC formulation, I find it better than this! Happy to hear you love it Rachael!


  • 2/14/14 19:23 Jeannine:

    Love this cc also. Great for my dry skin, gentle and provides enough coverage for me. Plus PF is cruelty free, which is important to me.


  • 2/12/15 6:59 Vaida:

    I am a big fan of PF organic CC cream. I have sensitive combination skin with large pores and this product does all I want – coverages well, no more redness and shiny T zone, does not clog pores, hydrates well, has SPF. My skin looks so nice and I stopped using foundation because I do not need it anymore!


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