Sephora CC Eye Cream Concealer for Spring 2014

Sephora CC Eye Cream Concealer

If you recall my experience with Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Creme was not pretty so I’m naturally a little wary of Sephora CC Eye Cream Concealer that’s launching for Spring 2014.


Sometimes one trick ponies are best! It’s when you try to walk and chew gum at the same time that trouble happens! Is Sephora’s New CC Eye + Concealer taking on too much!?

Sephora CC Eye Cream Concealer ($17) is a new paraben-free all in one formula that moisturizers, minimizes the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, smooths lines, and fights the signs of aging.

It’s available in a single universal shade that adapts to your skintone.

See it’s when they throw universal into things that stuff can potentially get scary!

But count me curious…Sure I was burned with Ole’s version but Sephora, well, sometimes they surprise us right? This could be an all in one wonder for all I know.

I best get to trying it.


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  • 1/24/14 12:21 Phoenixx:

    I actually tried this last night! I never use concealers because the shade is never right! I bounce between an Essence Atkins shade in the summer and Tamara Taylor in the winter time. This did the job of evening out my under eye area (which is daaaaaark right now. ugh no sleep and when I patted a little powder over my whole face (Makeup forever duo mat) my right eye looked more even & refreshed, and my left eye was still sad lol.

    I squeezed a little too much onto my finger and decided to try it out on the back of my husband’s hand. He is about as pale as the background of this page and it 100% disappeared into his shade! I will say that I felt a little buzzing around my eye about 20 minutes later. It could have been an allergy to an ingredient, or maybe it was just a little dusty in the store? But worth mentioning as I took it off as soon as I felt that.


    • 1/27/14 15:41 Isabella Muse:

      interesting and very promising 😀 I’m going to try it out Phoenixx although that weird buzzing feeling is a bit scary!


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