Sephora Hair Chalk Launches

Sephora Hair Chalk

*Raises hand* I chronically chalk my hair on the weekends. It’s easy, it washes away quickly, and I don’t have to commit to color. If you have hair commitment issues you’ll love Sephora’s new temporary hair chalk and the shades are all done up pretty for Spring.

Hair Chalk

Sephora Pastel Hair Chalk

Sephora Pastel Hair Chalk comes in three Spring-ready shades for the warmer weather ahead. These temporary chalks blend into hair in a snap and wash away with water quickly and easily. Simply rub the chalk on dry hair to add color! Or combine shades for a cool ombre effect!


  • Lilac
  • Pink
  • Turquoise

Each shade is $12 and available now at Sephora and

Don’t they kinda look like an EOS Lip Balm or one of those new blush pots like the ones released with Guerlain’s Spring 2014 Collection?

  • 1/27/14 10:17 Ari:

    I’ve always wanted to try hair chalk, but will it stain clothing? Like if my hair touches my top, etc. That’s what I’m worried about.


    • 1/27/14 10:25 Isabella Muse:

      I’ve never had a prob with it staining Ari, typically I set it with a little hair spray…


    • 1/27/14 14:43 amy:

      I bought my daughter some really bright neon shades from ULTA around Halloween, and while they did stain her scalp a bit, her white school uniform collars came out of the wash spotless! As these are pastel, I’m quite certain they’ll have even less potential for staining!


  • 1/27/14 15:25 Phyrra:

    I had no idea you hair chalked! How cute! You know I love color <3


    • 1/27/14 15:33 Isabella Muse:

      I’m not brave as you!!!!!!!!! 😀 I have to look for temporary solutions to get color in and out quick! so jealous of your hair!


    • 2/5/14 23:40 Pam:

      What do you use Phyrra? I’ve always wondered how you achieve so many wonderful color combos on your hair.


  • 1/27/14 17:33 Isabella Muse:

    i typically do my makeup in the AM when I’m headed out to work and really dislike having my hair all over the place so that’s why not a ton of photos with my hair down :)


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