Sleek Makeup Free Worldwide Delivery

Sleek Makeup Blush by 3 New Shades

Take advantage of free worldwide delivery starting today from Sleek Makeup and ending on January 15th!

Head to, pop anything into your cart, and get shipping free!

  • 1/8/14 14:19 Lisa:

    The free shipping is on orders over $50.


    • 1/8/14 14:49 Isabella Muse:

      I’m actually trying to confirm as the pitch I got didn’t mention anything about a limit on orders to get the free shipping!


  • 1/8/14 15:26 evo:

    you have to spend a specific amount…it’s on their facebook page


    • 1/8/14 15:47 Isabella Muse:

      the pitch I got didn’t say a limit so just trying to get in touch with their team to be sure :)


  • 1/8/14 17:00 Teresa:

    Do you know if the Garden of Eden palette will be available before the free shipping offer is over?


    • 1/9/14 9:48 Isabella Muse:

      I sure hope so sale end date is 15th and the release of the palette is the same day! so let’s hope so!


  • 1/8/14 21:55 Andi:

    This is so misleading (not your fault)!! It’s not “free shipping” if they jack up the prices of their merchandise first. The blush-by-three trios are $14.99 right now, and prior to the “sale” they were $8.50. I hate that sort of deception in a company. I’m tempted to email them to complain about it. They’ve built in a bigger cushion than I would have paid on their cheapest shipping option, I think.

    There is a minimum purchase requirement though. Here is my email:


    • 1/11/14 16:47 Iris:

      Thanks for the comment and bringing this to our attention. I was going to purchase until I noticed your comment. I checked the old prices using Google’s cache and yep, everything has gone up. I will be passing on this.


  • 1/9/14 14:15 yelena:

    oooh I’ve been wanting to try these! the hardest decision will be what shade of blusher to get!

    has anyone tried the corrector-concealer- palette? also looks nice!


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