St Ives Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub Review

St Ives Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub

St Ives Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub ($4.29) is one of two new facial scrubs that St Ives has launched this Spring at drugstores. I picked mine up earlier this month at (they get a lot of early releases don’t they!?).

I have a love hate relationship with St Ives Apricot Scrub so I wasn’t sure I’d love St Ives Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub but it sounded terribly tempted, I mean Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange?! How could I resist!? Please this is an even and bright formula that promises to get your skin bright and radiant….hello? I’m dull, I need to try it.

Take a look!

St Ives Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub is a facial scrub that’s quite reminiscent of the original Apricot formula not the blemish formula, just the regular Apricot Scrub. This is a rich, creamier scrub that isn’t as grainy or as harsh as the Blackhead and Blemish formula you’d get from the St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Blemish & Blackhead Control Scrub.

St Ives Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub swatches

According to the tube this is a moderate scrub…I thought it quite gentle as it has a finely milled grainier texture but it might be a bit much for sensitive skin. To use simply wet your face and massage a small amount on your skin. It does later up a bit as you apply it but not a ton. It is highly fragranced but doesn’t smell exactly how envisioned. I expected a citrus fragrance and you do get that but it also has a bit of a perfume and freshness to it as well. At first I didn’t like it but I’ve gotten used to it.

This does whisk away dry, patchy areas but also creates new ones for me. After use my skin is super tight and majorly stripped. I ended up flaking back up after I used it. Unfortunately, this also happens with both apricot formulas as well. I have to limit myself to using this once every two weeks or so versus a weekly or even a daily product as my skin is dry already. If you have oily skin it might work better for you!

If you already use the original Apricot Scrub you’ll likely love this. If you’ve used the Apricot Scrub in the past and just didn’t quite get on with it not a lot has changed with this formula. Dry skin users…beware! It does strip and it does make skin feel quite tight after use and it will possibly cause more patchy, dry areas to crop up so be careful.

Tried it?

Use the original Apricot?

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It’s available now at and should be available in stores as well shortly.

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  • 1/28/14 11:17 Clio:

    I use the Apricot blemish one, but I’m worried that it’s also making my dry patches worse. Do you know any other drugstore scrubs that use natural exfoliants? I hate the environmentally awful “plastic microbeads” that seem to be in everything…


    • 1/28/14 11:24 Isabella Muse:

      I HATE THOSE MICROBEADS!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ok sorry rant over. LOL ;-D no not really, I honestly don’t use many drugstore skincare scrubs so I’m really not sure as most all of them seem to rely on those beads which do NOTHING! I use the blemish one about once a month to really whisk away dry skin but after I really slather myself in moisture so maybe don’t use it often….


    • 4/10/14 23:15 jo:

      Baking soda makes a nice, gentle scrub. Try it!


    • 10/18/14 10:11 Hillary D:

      The plastic beads are polyethylene and I read that they’re actually safer for the skin. The St. Ives Mandarin Scrub has silica (the exfoliant)..which is pretty much glass (made from sand). So, if it gets in your eye, freaking out is justifiable.


  • 1/28/14 13:07 Ashley:

    I’ve always heard that this product is a dermatologists worst nightmare. My uses the original and she has senstive skin. I like Clinque’s 7 day scrub much better because the microbeads are more fine. Never been a fan of this product does more harm than good. La Mer’s refining facial is another great product! The new flavor of this is tempting tho.


  • 1/28/14 14:13 Shelby:

    I love the green tea scrub, the apricot one is way too harsh, green tea one is much more gentle.


  • 1/28/14 14:39 amy:

    I have drier skin, as well, but I’ve always found the Apricot Scrub to be filmy & greasy… As soon as I saw the citrus-based ingredients on this one, I figured it’d be best for oilier skintypes.

    I currently just use a double-sided face brush from Sephora with any cleanser to exfoliate. I’ve also been using Olay Fresh Effects “bead me up”, and I actually kind of like it for my “Winter skin”.


  • 1/28/14 19:29 J:

    I really enjoy the Freeman black sugar charcoal mask. I sometimes use it as more of a facial scrub, and find it leaves my drier skin super smooth and not dried out.


  • 2/4/14 21:13 horizon:

    honestly, i love this scrub. i have really oily skin without any dry patches, so i loved the apricot scrub for a while. unfortunately i got very very sick of the scent and the exfoliants, despite being natural, were a little big for my tastes. alongside this i’d only be able to use it in the shower so i could really REALLY rinse it off, otherwise i’d end up with leftover exfoliants and a weird oily feel.

    this one smelled a lot more pleasant to me (more lush/floral with just a little fruit) and the texture of it seemed to fit my skin much much better. on top of this, it didn’t leave any residue, and my face feels smooth and much softer. my skin felt a little tight, also, but with my oily skin i really don’t mind it as it feels cleaner and i use a light moisturizer afterwards.

    so i guess it’s a miss when it comes to people with dry skin, but a good hit when it comes to those with oily faces?


  • 2/7/14 17:46 Nicole Whitehead:

    Have you or any other users noticed if the product actually helps with polishing away imperfections? I have a good amount of acne scarring that I’ve been looking into getting a product to help with recently, so I wanted to here if anyone had any experience yet since I generally like St Ives products.


    • 5/12/14 20:07 naomi:

      Try it!! I bought it just to try something new. And in a week the difference was smoothed my skin and its now glowing and brighter. My usual skin care regimen includes the clinque 3 step system, but i like to throw in a scrub and i think this is it! Leaves my skin very clean, doesn’t have that greasy feel. Try it :)


  • 3/22/14 14:49 Donna:

    After using the apricot scrub for quite some time, I decided to try this one. At first I loved it because it was not as grainy as the apricot, but then I started noticing little white bumps all over my skin. I haven’t used anything else new that would cause this to happen so I stopped using it and went back to the apricot. Hopefully they will go away


  • 4/6/14 18:53 Christie:

    WOW!! my experience with this product has been amazing!!! I have never had better results with any other facial scrub. Since I have an oily skin… this scrub had made wonders to my skin. I recommended for people who has oily skin.


  • 5/5/14 22:11 Ashley:

    I started using this about 2 weeks ago and i have to say it is amazing. I have very dry skin and i breakout easily. This stuff actually got rid of my breakouts and left my skin super soft. I will forever continue to purchase this!


    • 5/6/14 15:51 Isabella Muse:

      happy to hear it Ashley!


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