Aerin Beauty Rose Balm Is A Multitasking Diva

Aerin Beauty Rose Balm

Sana Hiaruronsan Moisture Gel was one of my very favorite products way back in the day! This cute little moisturizing gel could be used anywhere you needed a little hydration! Eyes, face, body…!

Even better yet Estee Lauder recently launched Aerin Beauty Rose Balm ($58) and I couldn’t help but think how much it reminded me of Sana’s version minus the cheap price tag and cute packaging of course.

Aerin Beauty Rose Balm is a pure flower based balm that’s formulated for eyes, lips, face, even your cuticles! Anywhere you need a little moisture.

Can I tell you have a very big obsession with multitasking products like this but ouchie on the near $60 price tag as I can grab me a bigger size of Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Balm at this price!

Probably won’t stop me from grabbing some though!

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  • 2/3/14 16:12 Jessica:

    I saw this in person and I was surprised that it’s a pretty hefty size jar. It looks so tiny in the promo image, but it’s big!


    • 2/3/14 16:39 Isabella Muse:

      that’s a relief!!!!!!!!!! ok now I def need ;-D


  • 2/3/14 20:49 Terri:

    I actually bought it and didn’t like how solid-hard it was. I had difficulty picking up the product off the jar.


    • 2/4/14 10:30 Isabella Muse:

      oo sounds like bobbi brown eye balm!


  • 2/3/14 21:20 Ashley:

    Just stalked up today at Marshall’s on a 3pc Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream set. Came with hand lotion, original 8 hr cream and 8 hr moisturizing stick for $20 red lined. Saw it online last year for $30. I’m with you Muse multi tasking products rock! Especially when money is tight, or for traveling its nice to throw in a product that does everything.


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