Bath & Body Works Carnival Collection PocketBac Sanitizers

Bath & Body Works Carnival Collection PocketBac Sanitizers

I dunno if you’re going to find cheesecake or strawberry parfaits at the Carnival but you WILL FIND Kettle Corn. I hate Kettle Corn with everything I am aside from Peeps it is one of the most evilest foods around. Ugh! Who thought it was a good idea to take great salty popcorn and combine it with sugar should be shot!

But the funny is I love the smell.

So that’s why I kinda dig on the Bath & Body Works Carnival Collection PocketBac Sanitizers! It’s been such a while since I purchased a Pocketbac, I curbed my addiction for a little bit, that I think it would be ok if I indulged in this lot! If for nothing at all the sweet, salty scent of Kettle Corn and lucky enough I don’t have to eat the revolting stuff just enjoy the lovely aroma of it!

This set includes:

  • Ice Cream Dream
  • Cotton Candy Bliss
  • Kettle Pop Corn
  • Strawberry Parfait
  • Strawberry Cheesecake

Yeah, I know, I questioned the entire Cheesecake and Parfait thing too, shrug, so no Carnival friendly food. How about Candy Apples maybe or funnel cake? I can’t say I’ve ever said, “let’s go to the Carnival and have cheesecake!”

Check these out now at Bath & Body Works. The set is $5 bucks!

And hey by the way isn’t it sad Carnivale got axed from HBO a few years ago? It felt like I never did get an idea of where it was
trying to go…sadness! Bring it back, bring it back!

  • 2/18/14 10:38 susan k:

    How about deep fried Twinkie? That was the best things I’ve ever eaten at a carnival. It was like having an out of body experience. Love that these come in a little set! Think I’ll pick one up today.


    • 2/18/14 10:41 Isabella Muse:

      I’ve never had one! Have had deep fried pickles though does that count?! 😀


  • 2/18/14 15:25 Miranda:

    Oooh they’ve got deep fried cheesecake on a stick at the LA County Fair!


    • 2/18/14 15:32 Isabella Muse:

      holy cow….! lol


  • 2/18/14 15:31 Christine:

    These are so cute and these sound like they smell divine! But I’m in a bit of a conundrum! I started wearing nice perfumes and I don’t want anything to interfere with the scent so I’m sad that I can’t use these anymore. :(


  • 2/18/14 23:33 Nat:

    What?! You don’t like chocolate orange OR kettle corn?! What am I going to do with you, girl? 😀


    • 2/19/14 9:42 Isabella Muse:



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