Clarins Coral Tulip Gloss Prodige Lipgloss Review & Swatches

Clarins Coral Tulip Gloss Prodige Lip Gloss

Clarins Coral Tulip Gloss Prodige Lipgloss is one of two new shades that launched with the Clarins Opalescence Spring 2014 Collection. I personally love coral anything for Spring (and Summer) and there are plenty of delicious shades of it popping up with Spring.

Take a look at Coral Tulip.

Clarins Coral Tulip Gloss Prodige Lipgloss is a bright orange-y shimmering coral shade. Honestly, my lips swatches do not do it justice as in a certain light it gives off this very pretty shimmering reflective of orange on my lips!

Clarins Coral Tulip Gloss Prodige Lipgloss

Clarins Coral Tulip Gloss Prodige Lipgloss swatches

I think the thing I like most about Clarins Gloss Prodige Lipgloss is the fact they aren’t a sheerer gloss. These typically have a nice bit of color to them! I wouldn’t call Coral Tulip fully opaque but it does give a fairly nice bit of color.

The gloss formula is fairly thick but has a lightweight feel on lips that gives a shiny finish. This has a light, berry-like flavor that’s quite subtle. I find the wear is good for around three to four hours without eating or drinking.

Clarins Coral Tulip Gloss Prodige Lipgloss fotd

As a proper fan of Clarins Gloss Prodige Lipgloss I’m happy to see new shades popping up for Spring!

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  • 2/24/14 19:04 Tammie:

    Ugh I am SUCH a spaz for coral right now. I can NOT get enough of it for my lips and cheeks right now…


    • 2/25/14 16:06 Isabella Muse:

      me either!!!!!!! love love this shade for spring/sum!


  • 2/25/14 7:51 Ashley:

    This color is so pretty! Perfect for spring and summer! I want! My favorite lip gloss color from them that I have yet to buy is called Papaya I love that color!


  • 2/25/14 10:04 Susannah:

    This lip gloss looks great on you, dear Muse. I have so many tubes of lip gloss that I hardly ever use, so I am reluctant to try another. I am 50+ and anything too goopy looks like I am “mutton trying to look like lamb.” In other words, faintly ridiculous.

    Laura Mercier’s Lip Glace and NYX Butter Gloss (bought on your recommendation!) are the only glosses I can wear. They both add just a bit of shine without looking like an oil slick.

    Is this formulation similar to those?


    • 2/25/14 15:56 Isabella Muse:

      aw thanks misses! awww…..!!!!!!!!!!! lol I’m not 50+ but even I get the weird gooey look with too thick a formula! I LOVE Lip Glace and ps you’ll be happy to know tonight I have a post scheduled about, drum roll, 13 new shades!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D It’s not like Butter Gloss but it does have the same thickness as Lip Glace but with a little bit more of a plushier feel!


  • 2/25/14 16:29 Lucy:

    Coral is my favorite color right now. Coral on my eyes, cheeks, lips you name it. This color looks really pretty and I like the Clarins lip gloss so I guess I will have to check this shade out.
    On a different note the Milani Powder Rose Blush in Coral Cove looks amazing. I was able to get three of the colors at my walgreens but coral cove was sold out! I am on a hunt to find it lol.


    • 2/25/14 16:35 Isabella Muse:

      oh god I want that one too GOOD luck finding! Try out the new Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge too! Gorgeous bright coral 😀 has a nice orange-y base too! Such a great Summer shade!


      • 2/25/14 17:07 Lucy:

        Did you order the Milani blushes? Thanks I might need luck, that coral was sold out at two Walgreens so far.

        That Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge looks sooooo pretty. I think I might order it during the FAF event. And the shimmer brick in Nectar too.


        • 3/3/14 15:47 Isabella Muse:

          I just got press samples of them lucy and will review shortly 😀 I hope you find them! I believe all are in stock online. Did you get the rouge? I hope so it is gorgeous!


  • 2/26/14 11:37 Susannah:

    I can’t wait to read your review of Laura Mercier’s new Lip Glace colors. I currently have two of her tubes, so I’ll hold off on buying for a while. One is a muted coral color (a tube given to me free as a sample from the Mercier lady at Saks — one of the benefits of buying beauty products at dept stores — plenty of samples and I am not shy about asking,) the other a muted rose purchased at Sephora. Love them both!


    • 3/3/14 15:42 Isabella Muse:

      I love purchasing around the Holidays as they come in the little mini set so I can get a buncha shades ;-D great value! I’ll def have one or two of the new colors swatched and reviewed shorty for ya!


  • 2/27/14 11:06 bebe:

    This color is so lovely on you, much is it?


    • 2/27/14 11:32 Isabella Muse:

      thanks bebe you’re too kind! There’s actually a link that takes you directly to the product description with price in the post :) each is $23!


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