Clinique All About Shadow Eyeshadow Quad Review & Swatches

Clinique All About Shadow Eyeshadow Palette

Friends, you NEED Clinique All About Shadow Eyeshadow Quad in On Safari. Earlier this Summer Clinique reformulated some of their All About Shadow Singles and launched All About Shadow Eyeshadow Quads and it was probably the best move they ever did. The singles are more vibrant with better pigment and a lovely formula but the quads, wow, the quads are truly awesome.

Take a peek!

The Clinique All About Shadow Eyeshadow Quads are available in eight different shade selections and are the type of eyeshadow palette that you wish your entire collection was made up of. These are a foolproof way to create a beautiful eyeshadow look due to the four complimentary, contrasting shades each comes with.

Not only are they small and easy to travel with but the eyeshadows are buttery, rich in pigment, easy to apply, and most importantly easy to use and blend out to a picture perfect finish. The shades wear solidly on my drier eyes without creasing losing intensity for a solid eight hours.

Clinique All About Shadow Eyeshadow Quad

Clinique All About Shadow Eyeshadow Quad swatches

If you have issues blending shades together or contrasting etc…this is the shadow quad for you! The shades are all easy to use and pair up together and in two mere seconds to contrasts colors together for a simple yet bold statement. On Safari contains four contrasting shades of green that range in color from the lightest yellow based green to the darkest khaki. A small peel off diagram located in the mirror inside the quad features simple step by step instructions for placement of each shade.

I think palettes can get confusing sometimes. I also think they are overwhelming and mismatched. I LOVE how color coordinated this All About Eyeshadow Quad is. It’s really simplicity at its best but the finished results are all PRO!

This a must have.

I absolutely need to gather up a few more of these and add them to my stash on the double.

Clinique All About Shadow Eyeshadow Quad fotd

Clinique All About Shadow Eyeshadow fotd

BIG Muse Approved.

On counters now or grab them at and

You won’t be sorry!



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  • 2/4/14 20:04 Daisy:

    Wow! That quad looks gorgeous! Ive stayed away from Clinique eye shadows before because ive personally felt that they lacked color/Poorly pigmented, felt like lightly tinted talk if that makes any sense. The swatches youve posted look smooth, shimmery without glitter! I want these!


    • 2/6/14 13:00 Isabella Muse:

      they def improved on the shadow formula :)


  • 2/4/14 22:53 Erika:

    I love the gold shade. Thanks for the review!


    • 2/6/14 11:17 Isabella Muse:

      my pleasure! :)


  • 2/5/14 0:48 Marilyn @ Lipgloss+Spandex:

    GORGEOUS!!!! I feel like this is what the MAC Wonder Woman green palette was TRYING to be, but was chalky and hard to blend. The swatches you did of this Clinique palette just look AMAZING.


    • 2/6/14 12:55 Isabella Muse:
  • 2/5/14 7:12 lejeun:

    This color really brings out the warmth in your eyes! Lovely. :)


    • 2/6/14 11:17 Isabella Muse:

      aw thanks :)


  • 2/5/14 8:09 Carolyn:

    Bought it at Belk. Free shipping and a great GWP


  • 2/5/14 8:29 Kimmwc03:



  • 2/5/14 8:54 Jeanette:

    A great color combination.


    • 2/5/14 21:01 Carrie:

      This is truly the prettiest I have ever seen you look. That palette was made for you. Beautiful!


      • 2/6/14 10:07 Isabella Muse:

        aw thanks carrie you’re too kind!


  • 2/5/14 9:15 Susan K:

    Good to know, haven’t tried any Clinique e/s in ages. Love your blush in this pic, what is it?


  • 2/5/14 9:24 Deb:

    Oh thank you Great Muse for reviewing this! I was so intrigued by them but had not seen any reviews. When Clinique gets shadow right, they get it really right. And their pricing is always a plus. I love me some greens with a passion so thank you for doing an eye look with this. Into the cart she goes :)


    • 2/6/14 11:16 Isabella Muse:

      aw my pleasure deb! :) it’s a great palette! I really wanna grab some other shades, fantastic formula and so easy to use too! 😀


  • 2/5/14 9:41 JenJ:

    Pretty! Are any of these shades similar to the new Sleek palette?


  • 2/5/14 11:00 Dee:

    Those colors look great on you! Clinique seems to be reformulating some of the makeup…blushes and now eye shadows, and it’s a great move.


    • 2/6/14 10:46 Isabella Muse:

      aw thanks dee and agreed!


  • 2/5/14 11:45 Sarah S.:

    Gorgeous on your eyes, Muse! I feel like we never see you in greens, but this proves we should LOL.


    • 2/6/14 9:42 Isabella Muse:

      oh I used to wear it constantly several years ago I’m sure if you look my archives contain a ton of green looks ;-D


  • 2/5/14 12:17 Robin:

    Very pretty!! I want it, but I want to see Going Steady and Morning Java too!!! All of them look very pigmented.


  • 2/5/14 15:31 Phyrra:

    Such pretty greens!


  • 2/6/14 8:36 Celine:

    I bought the quad in the galaxy dark blues. Love mine, perfect for creating a smoky eye.


  • 2/6/14 15:20 Christina D.:

    I hadn’t bought any Clinique – especially their eyeshadows — in years and years. But what happens? I read a rave review by La Belle Muse and I go order two new Clinique quads (the purple and the grey). I so need a no-buy that I may have to stop readying your blog for awhile since “Muse Approved” can send my credit card a swiping!

    Seriously, I hope the new formula is as good as you say or they will be going back to Sephora!


    • 2/6/14 16:55 Isabella Muse:

      LOL sis! 😀 hehe! I hope you LOVE them! Which shades did you get!? hopefully the green!


  • 2/7/14 9:47 Sarah:

    Yay, I’m so excited that Clinique has upped their eyeshadow game. I’m dying to get my hands on a few of the new Cheek Pops, maybe I will add this to the list. I love Clinique skincare but the makeup is touch and go. Thanks for this helpful review!!


  • 2/7/14 10:38 Christina D.:

    I ordered Going Steady (purple) and Smoke & Mirrors (grey). On Safari looks great on you but I don’t like greens on me, unless they are really dark and cool, kind of grey-green (I love grey best on my eyes).

    But me and Prince seem to have a thing for purple although he wears way more makeup than I do. :-)

    Looking forward to trying these lovelies out once I get ’em!


    • 2/7/14 13:05 Isabella Muse:

      both nice shade selections 😀 I hope you like these, quite curious how you’ll find! LOL…! but damn he looks great in purple 😀


  • 2/7/14 13:17 Christina D.:

    Yes he does…I love Prince! But not anywhere near as much as I love my Beatles! Heck, everyone is a distant second to the Fabs! Even my boyfriend knows that much.


    • 2/7/14 14:41 Isabella Muse:

      lol ;-D agreed!


  • 2/10/14 20:22 camilla aarmitage:

    LOVE the Safari palette. The colors really make my weird colored eyes {are they green? grey? blue?}stand out. Nice texture and the colors are long lasting!


    • 2/11/14 10:37 Isabella Muse:

      yay! :)


  • 3/4/14 3:53 Shabby:

    That’s a pretty palette. I’m tempted to get one. Green is my favorite color even.


  • 3/15/14 11:54 QweenBeth:

    Thanks so much for the review on this green palette. I haven’t bought Clinique in 15 years and haven’t liked their sheer eyeshadows, but this palette made me return to their counter. I have green eyes and this palette was perfect for me. The colors are deep and saturated which is what I want.


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