DHC Introduces Resveratrol Skincare

DHC Resveratrol Skincare

The new DHC Resveratrol Skincare Collection gets a Spring 2014 launch and includes a range of super antioxidant products that helps rebuild the skin’s moisture barrier.

Take a look!

The DHC Resveratrol Skincare Collection includes a new Resveratrol Lotion, Essence, and cream which contains what scientists have dubbed the foundation of youth ingredient, resveratrol. These super antioxidant rich products have the same ingredient that are found in red grapes, resveratrol, which ads in minimizing the signs of aging and recreating the moisture barrier so skin is softer.

DHC harnesses the power of resveratrol in this new three piece skincare system and helps fortify the skin’s natural moisture barrier which protects it environment.

Products include:
DHC Resveratrol Lotion $61
DHC Resveratrol Essence $61
DHC Resveratrol Cream $61

The products will be available March 1st on dhccare.com.

I’ll be bringing you a review of them shortly!

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