When I Grow Up I’ll Have $400 To Spend On Facial Moisturizer


But until than I can salivate over the idea of what exactly Giorgio Armani Crema Nera Extrema Face Serum ($410) does.

Apparently it tames redness, tightens pores, and works its wondrous magic in 7 days so your skin looks smother and more youthful.

IT MAY or may not walk the dog, clean the dishes, and shovel the snow as well.

Someday, not today, but someday I’ll have $400 to spend on facial moisturizer.

Most I’ve ever spend on a face cream? Maybe $80 bucks perhaps a $100….but typically around $50-$65.


  • 2/12/14 11:41 AnniLau:

    My favorite is the Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer, but even the $69.00 (2 oz) price tag on that makes me a little uncomfortable, so I’m ecstatic every time Sephora has the .5 oz size for $10. I may even have 6 of the little guys in a drawer right now.

    I can’t imagine spending $410 for 1 ounce of product, even if I could afford it.


  • 2/12/14 11:45 Loris Ayoub:

    they are all the same cr*p there is no miracle cream or serum….using the lancome that was not cheap at all, and I don’t see any miracles


  • 2/12/14 12:13 Michelle:

    Wow, that’s not moisturizer, it’s a piece of art that you can display in your home bathroom; I’d be too afraid to use it! Lol.
    The most I’ve ever spent on face cream? Maybe $30. I really want to try the “expensive” Algenist Face Moisturizer, but it’s $90 … ouch! Or better yet, the SKII products that I’ve heard were quite nice. Alas, I don’t have $200 to drop for a moisturizer. I think Cate Blanchett endorses it and her skin is freaking amazing. I wonder if she really uses SKII or something else? Hummm, sorry, that was off topic …Lol. :)


    • 2/12/14 12:47 Isabella Muse:

      but doesn’t she just make you think OMG if I buy SkiII I’m totes going to glow like Cate!


  • 2/12/14 12:14 Sarah S.:

    I’ve spent $110, max. So not worth it. Now I just use $14 argan oil for my face, or $11 coconut oil for eye cream.


  • 2/12/14 12:27 Deb:

    Makes you wonder what’s in it to justify the high cost. Fairy dust? Unicorn pee? The most I ever spent on skin care in my 57 yrs was Kate Somerville. I got a wild hair and bought several items from her line at one time. I don’t remember the total price but it was definitely about as much as a mortgage payment. I liked the products and one of them actually made a noticeable difference. But only one out of that entire splurge. I decided that craziness was just too much to sustain so I have since found much more reasonably priced products that perform as well, and mostly better, at half the cost. I agree and disagree with Loris: there is no such thing as a miracle in a bottle or jar. I don’t think they’re all crap but they definitely cannot do enough at a topical level to justify that price tag. Nice try Armani, but try again. With something more reasonable.


    • 2/12/14 12:46 Isabella Muse:

      is unicorn pee good for anti-aging? I had heard it was…? 😀


      • 2/12/14 13:47 Deb:

        I heard the same thing. I’m looking for some now. I’ll let you know how it works :)


        • 2/12/14 13:49 Isabella Muse:

          great ;-D I believe fresh from the tap is best from my understanding LOL!


          • 2/12/14 14:35 kimkats:

            OMG – I think I just wet my chair, I’m laughing so hard… too bad it’s not unicorn pee – I could sell it! 😀

          • 2/12/14 14:51 Isabella Muse:

            I could sell snow in the Summer 😀 Insurance brokers know how to work that angle ;-D

  • 2/12/14 12:39 breyerchic04:

    My most is $50. And I still feel guilty about it occasionally.


  • 2/12/14 12:43 Cj:

    I could probably hire someone to walk my dogs, do the dishes, and shovel the nonexistent snow for longer than this serum would last for the same price lol


    • 2/12/14 12:45 Isabella Muse:

      y u no love me no mores?


      • 2/12/14 12:53 Cj:

        Lies!! I loves u lots!! I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS SLANDER!!!! 😛 I’ve just been really busy and stressed lately. Hopefully things will cool down by the end of the month.


        • 2/12/14 17:13 Isabella Muse:

          i give you a hug, a kiss, and a lick so everything gets all better! I understand completely my dear been nuts here too! just know I miss you ;D


  • 2/12/14 14:09 Karen:

    I once wasted $150 on Creme De La Mer. Don’t get me wrong, it moisturized my face but was a little too heavy for my taste. But other than that, that’s all it did. So I wised up & went back to my Olay & Avon products which work just as well for a fraction of the cost. Lesson learned.


  • 2/12/14 14:27 Sacre:

    My most expensive was er… 15$ xD I am young and only need a moisturizer.
    I think 400 dollars aren’t that much if it really does work, but I doubt it does. Simply, you cannot fool genetics and no cream will pull it down apart. I’d better buy a good moisturazier, serum, toner, cleanser and lotion with all this money and use it daily, I think the results will be the same and + extra cash xD But it’s ones own descision right? I’m curious to see the ingredients xD


  • 2/12/14 14:28 Thalia:

    Are they KIDDING? The most I have spent is $18 for night cream, and $15 for the big pumps of face and body lotion. And you know what? They work fine.


  • 2/12/14 16:23 Christina:

    Well, Muse, did you see Armani’s new cleanser? My god, they’re $80 each. A cleansing moisturizing oil…I don’t know what magic oil they use, but that is one expensive cleanser.


    • 2/12/14 16:35 Isabella Muse:

      haha yes! and the new eye serum god I want that eye serum!


  • 2/12/14 19:20 Chelsea:

    I’m having a hard enough time justifying a $38 serum from First Aid Beauty.


  • 2/12/14 19:52 cat:

    Even if I was so wealthy that $400 didn’t mean anything to me, I would still have trouble justifying a purchase like this. It’s still a substantial chunk of change compared to say… a luxury handbag.


  • 2/12/14 23:24 Alanna:

    The most I ever spent on a single moisturizer/serum was I think about $70? But I’ve gone through a looooooot of them lol! I really want the full size of a cream from Tatcha… I got a sample and I adored it, but the full size is $150. I love their goofy “ancient geisha secrets” angle ahahahaha


  • 2/13/14 1:41 Cindy:

    $85 on Dermadoctor’s Calm, Cool & Corrected, only because I wasted $$ on a lot of other “anti-redness” moisturizers that didn’t work as well as that one . . . so I only use it on a consistent basis because it works. When I didn’t have rosacea I was able to use anything!


  • 2/13/14 15:06 Sierra:

    I’d sooner buy a new iPod than a $400+ moisturizer! Geez…Most I’ve ever spent is about $6 for a small jar of coconut oil. Everything else has been samples, or hand-me-downs from my grandma.


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