Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream Review

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream2

I admit it, I scoffed a little at the idea of Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream. A BB Cream body lotion? A BB Body Cream? Ridiculous! But than I tried it and I have to admit, it’s kinda cool!

Take a look!

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream

Oh no a BB Cream for your body? That has to be messy! I mean the tint will get on your clothes right? And wait it promises flawless looking visible results and benefits in five days? Seriously?

Evens, firms, corrects, illuminates, hydrates….but…but…I only use body cream for moisture not to correct anything or lord knows illuminate?!

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream is a brand new sheer BB Body Cream which not only hydrates your skin but promises to gradually improve the appearance of your skin with continued use.

Available in a Light Skin Tone and Medium Deep Skin Tone version this new BB Body Cream makes for a very interesting moisturizing experience.

With a delicate fresh scent this moisturizer has an easy absorb formula that leaves skin delicately fragrance and super soft, supple, and hydrated but never oily or greasy. It not only smoothes and hydrates your skin but also brightens and illuminates it while evening out your skin tone and visibly firming skin while minimizing the appearance of imperfections.

And yes, it really does work. It just give skin the look of health, suppleness, and vitality!

The delicate tint of the product actually doesn’t transfer to clothes. It isn’t tinted as you might think but does still provide the illusion of smoother legs. It makes my legs look more evenly toned and hydrated. I have visible pores towards my ankles and this kinda blurs theirs appearance and makes my legs look smoother. Plus hey, we are in deep Winter here so my legs aren’t exactly looking tanned but this evenly tones them and gives my skin a healthier look. I wouldn’t call the effect illuminating, thank god as I dislike anything glow-y on my legs, it is however, the look of healthy skin that has a subtle touch of sun.

I was tempted to use it on my face because it just made my legs and arms look so smooth and flawless…I know it sounds weird thinking of your arms and legs as being perhaps less than smooth or uneven but after applying the lotion I could personally see an improvement. My arms and legs just looked more smoother! For someone with drier skin this is nothing short of a miracle.

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream swatches

Medium and Deep Skin Tone Swatched Above

If the skin on your legs have visible pores from shaving or perhaps they look ashy or dull this is a great way to blur the appearance of those imperfections while hydrating the area.

I don’t know about long term benefits but Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream is all about enhancing your skin. Sure your skin might be great but it can be even better with this body lotion. So if you’re looking for a your skin but better finish, Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream is a product to do just that.

Loves this!

I’m going to go ahead and put a Muse Approval on this one!

Tried it?

Do share your experience.

At drugstores now.


Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream4


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  • 2/14/14 12:11 Ashley:

    do they make a light shade? I loved their original product they came out with years ago. The body glow lotion, fake tan sort of. Give my paleness some color, so I’m not so pasty for weddings and other events that require you to show some skin.


    • 2/14/14 23:50 Angel:

      Yes Ashley, the do have a light shade. I just bought a travel size of it yesterday at CVS for $3.99. I’m pale and my legs look like death, so I’m sure this will work for you. The tint is very light, not even noticeable on my legs. It did make my legs look smoother and a little luminous. Not glittery in any way, just a slight sheen. If you’re looking for a hint of color, the medium might actually be better on you. Maybe try the travel size and see. I really don’t think the light is going to give you that hint of tan you’re looking for.


  • 2/14/14 12:14 Caroline:

    I’ve been intrigued by this product and will probably try it at some point, so it’s good to read your positive review! I think it’s kind of weird that they released it in the winter, though; I’ll probably wait until spring when every last inch of skin isn’t covered in sweaters and jeans, LOL.


  • 2/14/14 13:02 Mams:

    I like this product! I have been using this product for 6 days now. While I can’t say that I love it, I did see minor improvements in my skin almost immediately. The redness was significantly less and like Muse, the look of the pores on my body were diminished. My skin definitely looked healthier after the first application. While it did hydrate my skin, I was dry again about 12 hrs later. The scent was not offensive like their Natural Glow body lotion and I can see myself using this product year round. Shorts at the gym anyone? I do, however, like it enough that I will repurchase, but at almost $12 I do think it is more expensive than it should be.


    • 2/14/14 13:36 Isabella Muse:

      Mams, I totally agree! A little pricey! I saw it for $10 at some places which felt a little better but STILL it is a bit pricey…but overall, I really liked how it made my legs look so smooth and very, I dunno if this sounds right, but more flawless ;-D glad you experienced some of the same!


      • 2/14/14 14:11 Mams:

        I have some scarring on my arms and those scars look softer than before I started using the product. It by no means covers them up, but I did notice the blurring effect.


        • 2/14/14 14:18 Isabella Muse:

          I have the same on my legs…I have a little bit of scarring from cuts as a child and such, this doesn’t cover them by any means but it does blur the look of them which I love!


      • 2/15/14 15:20 Sarah:

        I really like this too! I bought the Nivea Q10 firming cream and this (in the travel size) but now want to the full size; going to jamaica at the end of march for a 2nd honeymoon and trying a little sumnt’ sumnt’ prior to going….I agree with all the results you described and I like the fresh scent!! Need the full size!


        • 2/17/14 9:56 Isabella Muse:

          yay have fun in Jamaica πŸ˜€ this is a perfect travel beauty companion ;D


  • 2/14/14 13:38 kristanna:

    This looks great! Thank you for reviewing it..I have been eyeballing it for weeks. Also Milani has their new rose blushes for spring up on their website for purchase fyi…


    • 2/14/14 13:40 Isabella Muse:

      my pleasure! Yeah I know got the pitch yesterday! :)


  • 2/14/14 13:40 Emi:

    Dear Muse, what do you suppose the cost will be for this? With my dry, ruddy arms, I want to have a more even skin tone for prom but no tan, so this seems perfect. Thank you for being the authority on all this cool stuff!


    • 2/14/14 13:41 Emi:

      Whoops, never mind! Miss Mams answered my question in her comment. Thanks for doing what you do!


      • 2/14/14 13:51 Isabella Muse:

        <3! my pleasure!


    • 2/14/14 13:52 Isabella Muse:

      It’s $10-$13 in drugstores :) aw my pleasure!


  • 2/14/14 13:50 kristanna:

    LOL theres nothing u dont know.. !! <3 ya muse! :)


    • 2/14/14 13:51 Isabella Muse:

      hehe! πŸ˜€


  • 2/14/14 14:07 Macaroons and Marc Jacobs:

    Thanks for the great review! Hopefuly, you’ll let us know if you try it on your face. I have some pretty large pores around my nose and I’m a little scared to try this on them haha.


    • 2/14/14 14:33 Isabella Muse:

      it’ll prob be a little rich for my face but I was tempted :)


  • 2/14/14 18:15 Lacy:

    I love this stuff. I found a travel size for 2.99 at cvs and grabbed it up to try as I was intrigued after first hearing about this stuff and it’s awesome. It’s your legs but better kind of thing. :)


  • 2/14/14 20:10 Jill:

    I am really excited for this. I’m super pale and I’ve tried using self tanner to even out the skin on my legs, but it just never looks right. I think this will be a much more natural looking option since it only has a hint of color to it (plus no awful self tanner smell to deal with!).

    Btw, thank you for photographing the ingredients labels on your reviews! It’s really helpful.


    • 2/17/14 10:12 Isabella Muse:

      aw my pleasure glad you found it helpful!


  • 2/15/14 12:24 DiEtta Morris:

    Just a recommendation for a great moisturizing body lotion that has done amazing things for my skin. Try Amlactin. It has relieved my rough, dry skin completely, while gently exfoliating it. It has gotten rid of thoses little bumps on the back of my arms and on my legs. (theres a name for it but dont know how to spell it) It has lighten my dark age spots on my arms, legs and back of hands. I get it at Costco. Here’s the ingredient deck: water, ammonium lactate, mineral oil, propylene glycol, glycerin, PEG-100 stearate, glyceryl stearate, magnesium aluminum silicate, Lauretta-4, PEG-40 stearate, cetyl alcohol, methylparaben, phopylparaben, methylcellulose.) if you want to know about the lotion you can go to the Amlactin website. I am in my 60’s and aging has really brought some ugliness to my skin…….:( this lotion has done such wonderful things to it. Just sharing.


    • 2/17/14 9:57 Isabella Muse:

      Hi DiEtta! aha here’s your comment :) Thanks so much for sharing, I’m sure it’ll be very welcome for those who need an extra moisturizing body lotion, I know I do, my skin is dry as heck :)


  • 2/15/14 12:27 DiEtta Morris:

    Just want to add to my above post that bumpy skin on the back of my arms and legs is called: Keratosis pilaris. ( I had to go look it up) LOL!


  • 2/16/14 10:28 Arzu Gunther:

    Hello Muse. I just picked this up yesterday and can’t wait to try it. I have psoriasis and often am left with slight scarring over the winter on my legs. I’m hoping that this will help. I loved all your reviews. :)


    • 2/17/14 9:54 Isabella Muse:

      aw thanks arzu so glad you enjoy Musings! I hope you enjoy it let me know what you think!


  • 2/16/14 11:29 Lisa:

    Use this as my daily lotion and i love it. Been through two tubes now. Doesn’t tan but evens out tone especially on the sun damaged skin on my chest. A must buy!


  • 2/17/14 15:41 Jenna:

    This actually has a little DHA in it, so its a very light self tanner. That’s how it improves skin tone over time. I guess it’s another version of their Daily Glow, but with instant results as well.


  • 2/26/14 13:21 Shadia L.:

    Dammit, Muse, you’ve done it again! I’ll definitely be picking this up! My legs are shapely, but bruised and banged-up looking, with larger follicles. Ick!


    • 2/26/14 13:28 Isabella Muse:

      :) let me know how it works out for you!?


  • 2/26/14 20:46 Lacy:

    Just to let you all know this is on sale at Target this week for 9.99


    • 2/27/14 12:16 Isabella Muse:

      I MIGHT just grab a back up at that price :)


  • 3/14/14 21:28 Ash:

    Such a shame it has really bad ingredients!! I’ll have to pass :(


  • 3/16/14 17:30 Angela:

    I’ve been researching this product for a while and I’m still a bit skeptical. I have really uneven legs and arms. They’re really pale where they have been covered with sleeves or shorts and pretty tan where they’re been exposed to the sun. I really want my old pale skin color back. Will this product even the tan parts and make my legs and arms pale again?


  • 4/9/14 7:38 Renee Hollenbeck:

    Thanks so VERY much for your great website. Well, I took the risk and applied to my face, talk about nice. Skin felt soft and the light sheen gives the radiance of more youthful appearance without the tight dry feeling, a little does go a long way on face. This is a must have w/summer right around the corner :-)
    Thanks again for your website and time



    • 4/9/14 9:02 Isabella Muse:

      I haven’t tried it on my face renee but I’ve been tempted happy to hear it worked. Aw you’re very welcome thank you for visiting πŸ˜€ and commenting!


    • 4/13/14 9:44 Michele:

      Renee does it clogs pores, when used on the face?


  • 4/18/14 0:33 Jheri:

    NEEDS THIS! Omg I’ve been creeping your site the last hour and a half and I can’t blink! Miss you, sis!


    • 4/18/14 8:25 Isabella Muse:

      lol jheri! I miss you too my dear :) <3! please stalk me all you want haha as I do you on instagram and facebook haha!


  • 5/22/14 7:49 Jen:

    I’m thinking of trying this but I have one question, is it an all over body cream meaning do we use it on our faces as well?


    • 5/22/14 8:30 Isabella Muse:

      it’s a body cream only Jen not for your face.


  • 5/22/14 8:42 Jen:

    Ok thanks :-)


    • 5/22/14 9:12 Isabella Muse:



  • 4/6/15 18:59 judy:

    is this basically just make-up?


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