MAC Prep Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact Review & Swatches

MAC Prep Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact

So far you have choices when it comes to MAC Prep Prime CC Colour Correctors! These come in a cream facial primer formula, a loose powder, and you also have the choice of a MAC Prep Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact Powder!

Granted, you probably don’t need both a loose and compact version of these correctors however, I would suggest snatching up the creams if you have drier skin!

For the oily skin girls out there you have the loose and compact versions available but I will warn you I’m not particularly sold on these compacts even though I liked both the loose and cream formulas.

MAC Prep Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact Powder is available in four shade selections with four different correcting abilities. These are not exactly the same product you’d be getting with the Correcting Loose Powder that also is available and I find the texture differs greatly.

The great thing about the new Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Powders is you get the benefits of a product that absorbs excess oil while setting makeup for long wear. Adjust is a peachy beige that can be used to brighten and even out skin tone but you can also use it as a lightweight powder foundation too if you desire. Illuminate is a soft lavender that address dullness and tired skin by brightening up your complexion. Recharge is a deep apricot with hard orange tones that can be used to add warmth to medium and darker skin tones. And Neutralize is a yellow that address redness.

I really liked both the cream and loose formulas in these products but I find the compacts aren’t so great for one main reason…they are way too powdery! These aren’t densely packed so they kinda fall off in larger chunks when you swipe a brush through them. There’s not fault with the formula as it does indeed do what it should once applied but the texture of the powders is a messy issue for me. It’s like they have nothing to hold them together so they due create quite a powdery mess when I use them! The texture does differ very slightly from the loose powders in the fact they are softer with less silkiness than the loose formula. You’re kinda lacking the ‘cones in the formula it feels and they have more of a pressed powder consistency.

MAC Prep Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact swatches

Adjust, Illuminate, Recharge, Neutralize

MAC Adjust Prep Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact


MAC Illuminate Prep Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact


MAC Neutralize Prep Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact


MAC Recharge Prep Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact


Overall, MAC Prep Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact is a great pick for those who dislike the texture of a silica powder but just warned they are a bit on the messy side!

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  • 2/6/14 21:34 Sarah:

    Hi Muse! I’ve been doing a lot of research on BB & CC creams, I tried a few american brands only to be disappointed… Which american BB or CC cream can you recommend from the drugstore? Which are your favorite asian brands? I am looking for something lightweight yet need good coverage. Thanks in advance!


  • 2/7/14 19:29 christina:

    I have been waiting and waiting for these to come out! The yellow one looks interesting. Like you, I like Lemon-aid…I was hoping the yellow one would be kind of like that for your face? (that sounds weird, but I dislike any reddness). I know you said they are powdery in application, but once on, do you like it?


    • 2/10/14 16:45 Isabella Muse:

      not really christina because they cling a fair bit to my drier areas and are really pronounced on my drier skin so I get that “hey I’m wearing makeup” finish! due to the powdery texture :-/ could be better on a different skin type though!


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