Maybelline Bad to the Bronze, Nude Compliment, and Sleek & Spice Swatch Comparisons

Maybelline Dare to Go Nude Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

I’m so scared someone is going to throw a rotten tomato at me if I don’t do a swatch comparison of Maybelline Bad to the Bronze, Sleek & Spice, and Nude Compliment. I’m probably doing you a complete disservice but unfortunately I rarely have time to dig through my stash and just list every single dupe there is for another shade I review. If I blogged full time I’d def try to commit to doing something like that but I don’t and I find it a real chore to search through my stash and try and find dupes of everything I post about.

*head desk*

It’s exhausting.

What’s equally exhausting is people asking me is that a dupe for this is this a dupe for that. Oh lawd. It seems like everything has to be a dupe for everything else. Most recently I get a lot of questions about the newest Maybelline Dare to Go Nude Tattoo Eyeshadow shades so I decided I’d end all the discussion about the most popular shades being dupes for a shade already in the permanent collection, Bad to the Bronze, as I feel like it isn’t a dupe of the two newest shades and I’m unsure really why people might feel they are similar. I’m probably missing something here but I suck at shade comparisons anyway so don’t take my word for it but here are some swatches so you can decide for yourself.

Plus if I’m honest at $5.99 each I’m almost positive the world won’t end if maybe sorta kinda Bad to the Bronze resembles something you already own! It’s not a $30 eyeshadow so we should be ok! :)

Maybelline Bad to the Bronze, Nude Compliment, and Sleek & Spice Swatch Comparisons

Bad to the Bronze, Nude Compliment, and Sleek & Spice

The main difference between Bad to the Bronze, Nude Compliment, and Sleek & Spice is the fact that Bad to the Bronze is a warm bronze where as the other two shades are taupes with different undertones. Or at least that’s how I feel about the shades. If anything at all in my swatches below you’ll notice that Nude Compliment and Sleek & Spice are pretty similar where as Bad to the Bronze really isn’t like these shades.


Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadows 30



Bad to the Bronze

Maybelline Nude Compliment Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

Maybelline Nude Compliment Color Tattoo fotd

Nude Compliment

Maybelline Sleek & Spice Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

Maybelline Sleek & Spice Color Tattoo Eyeshadow fotd

Sleek & Spice

I dunno in my opinion Bad to the Bronze isn’t like these shades and I do think it is worth grabbing the two others. Now Nude Compliment is more of a traditional smoky taupe where as Sleek & Spice has more browner undertones in my experience so again, the shades look very close to the same shade swatched but on eyes are considerably different.

That’s about it :)

I hope this helps end all the questions about the two shades being a dupe for Bad to the Bronze and helps you decide if you need these newer shades!

Good Luck!

  • 2/19/14 9:26 Christina D.:

    You, my dear Muse, are awesome! You put into words (albeit much more tactfully) my sentiments when I read some of the comments. In this case in particular, how ’bout this: Bad to the Bronze is part of the permanent collection so you know what? Pick it up off the display, carry it over to the new CTs, and hold them next to each other! Voila!


    • 2/19/14 9:29 Isabella Muse:

      lol…! that works too. I think my biggest pet peeve as a blogger is the constant questions of “is that a dupe is this a dupe?” phew…it’s exhausting. And I don’t really have time to spare to compare everything single shade of pink eyeshadow to some new pink eyeshadow that launched and say yeah, it looks pretty much the same or no they are really different. I’d seriously get nothing done if I was trying to find dupes for everything I post about. It would literally take days to review an eyeshadow or lipstick if I had to do that much research. Plus people sometimes want to compare the most obscure shades and proceed to call them dupes for one another and I’m kinda sitting here thinking well this is brown and that’s orange how are they the same? So I really just avoid dupe discussions when possible. Because I’m so not an expert! It’s only a six buck eyeshadow, I figure my world won’t end if it happens to look the same as something else I have! :)


  • 2/19/14 9:34 Christina D.:

    You are so right! Six bucks — who cares! I spend more than that on purchases that turns out to be duds, never mind dupes. Besides, if I like a color or product, I buy a back-up anyway so no harm, no foul if it’s similar to something I already own. Maybe it’s just me (probably is) but I don’t care if one thing qualifies as a dupe for another. There is always enough of a difference to justify purchasing something I want, dupe or no dupe. I guess that’s called rationalization. :-) Love the Muse!


    • 2/19/14 9:39 Isabella Muse:

      exactly and god knows, *whispers low* I have hundreds of eyeshadows that I’ve spent far more money on and yeah, they probably all look the same but I’m proud to say I have 10 or more different shades of green eyeshadow that may look a bit the same oops! Me either. It’s one of the things I clearly don’t give a $h1t about. Like for example MAC Power Petal is kinda sorta like NARS Orgasm and maybe if I was a bit more frugal and levelheaded I’d say oh well I have a golden pinky peach already in orgasm I don’t really need mac power petal but screw that I TOTALLY love that shade and snatched up two lol! 😀 hehe! so glad someone agrees with my insane mentality!


      • 2/19/14 15:33 amy:

        When you think about it, most of us are drawn to particular shades, so when you go through even the most massive of our collections, you’ll find a ton of dupes, or shades that appear extremely similar when applied.


  • 2/19/14 9:44 Christina D.:

    We are totally on the same page, Sistas from Different Mistas! I tend to buy the same colors I like over and over, and even if they look alike, there is always a difference in quality or consistency. I even have the same color by the same manufacturer and sometimes the batches are different.

    I love that you have “10 or more different shades of green eyeshadow” since I do the exact same thing with taupes and cool purples!


    • 2/19/14 9:46 Isabella Muse:

      LOL I knew it! We are totally related ;-D hehe! same here, I feel the exact same way…chances are there is some minor difference and the formula, consistency, etc is different. I dunno, I just don’t care about anything being a dupe of anything else! Who cares! ;-D I’ll buy it anyway bring it on! give me a hundred golden peach blushes ;-D I’ll take them all!


  • 2/19/14 9:57 Leslie:

    OMG. I OFFICIALLY HEART. YOU. LMBO! Love your candid honesty, not to mention the humor within it!!! Girl you are absolutely correct! Its only 5.99 and come on PEOPLE, you know you’re gonna buy it anyway… its “LE.” People go nuts for LE products! LOL Thanks for the post! Have a great day! -Leslie


    • 2/19/14 10:22 Isabella Muse:

      :) my pleasure leslie haha…you as well! I DO think these are permanent shades from my understanding so people can def decide if this is a good go or not but either way they are so super cheap why not indulge :)


  • 2/19/14 10:13 Deb:

    Muse, you are too sweet to put it out there as it needs to be said. So I’m going to do it for you. As a long time reader and lover of your blog, I feel compelled to speak up even though it may not be my place and I mean no offense to anyone. People, get a grip!!! Muse has stated a number of times that in addition to this blog she has a life and a full time job/career. Do her a favor and try to put yourself in her shoes for a minute and imagine how time consuming all of this is. And then read…carefully….what she has to say in this post. Get it? If you’re looking for dupes and shade comparisons, head on over to Temptalia. Christine is a full time blogger and does an amazing job with dupes and shade comparisons. Give the Muse a break! Who’s with me on this?


    • 2/19/14 10:22 Isabella Muse:

      aw thanks deb, thanks for understanding :) I really wish I had more time to dedicated to tasks like doing dupes of everything but I don’t :( Plus jeez everything is a dupe for everything else lol I think people sometimes read other blogs that are saying ZOMG this is a dupe for this! and suddenly I have a hundred people saying well I read on so and so that it is a dupe…but y u wanna compare apples and oranges!? it’ll be the most obscure shades like brown and red, “THOSE ARE DUPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” lol..phew! It’s exhausting!


      • 2/19/14 13:09 Deb:

        You are welcome! I feel so bad for you, I can feel your frustration leaking out of my iPad LOL. Hang in there, you do a great job and your readers know it. Hopefully this post allowed you to get some of the frustration out of your system AND will also get the attention of your faithful followers. I know you feel like you wish you could do more but you have your limits, as we all do. And I for one do not feel like it is your obligation to hunt down dupes and so forth for everyone. It’s a big, wide, internet out there and the information is readily available for those that are willing to make the effort. This dupe craze is getting a little ridiculious anyway. You do a great job Muse….and YOU ROCK! Enough said.


        • 2/19/14 13:13 Isabella Muse:

          lol deb! 😀 I love all of you so much so sometimes I feel like I am disappointing you somehow but there’s so much I can do, this isn’t a full time job for me sadly thank you so much for being willing to understand that. And I have to agree, I imagine people are going to hate me for it but the dupe stuff really is a little out of control….if you need to justify every single purchase with a dupe it’s sucking some of the joy out of being involved in makeup and beauty :) But of course we all have to be careful with our purchases and it can be completely illogical to own a hundred shades of the same green eyeshadow but just obsessively looking for dupes really slays me ;-D thank you! I heart you!!!!!!!! ;-D


  • 2/19/14 10:28 Sara:

    Thank you Muse!!! I’m ashamed that I was one who asked about how those compared to Bad to the Bronze.. Sorry for the extra work! To be honest I have NO idea how you work another job AND blog as much as you do– it’s awesome and I am always so excited when I see you post! Always great opinions, pictures, and variety of products.

    Now…. to track down those Color Tattoos!


    • 2/19/14 10:34 Isabella Muse:

      my pleasure sara don’t be ashamed it’s perfectly fine! I get a lot of these requests and I wish I can honor every single one of them. I just find it hard to compare everything…I think sometimes people expect it in a review but I just don’t have the time for it so I’m the one that’s sorry! aw thank YOU! ;-D and I promise they aren’t the same shade!


  • 2/19/14 10:32 Wenz:

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I’m in Christina D & Deb army ^^^^^^^^
    Bella you know you the leader of the army…. well said!

    I mean heck even google images side by side on 2 separate browsers works…LOL!


    • 2/19/14 10:35 Isabella Muse:

      lol! you made me think of my fav Björk song, Army of Me! girl I’m no fearless leader lol! I’m just a little minion hiding behind the rest of the crowd ;-D


      • 2/19/14 10:47 Wenz:

        LOL! Don’t you just love when art/music can so “correctly” imitate life :)
        Have a good day!


        • 2/19/14 10:54 Isabella Muse:

          indeed ;-D you as well dear!


  • 2/19/14 10:39 kim:

    i bought sleek and spice and nude compliment last night. they are very similar, but like you said, for 6 bucks, i will take both! i love them so much, i am going to get bad to the bronze today. i will never have enough sparkly bronze and taupe shades. people get way too carried away with ‘dupes’. I only considere it a dupe if you really can’t tell the difference between the 2. I have bought so many blushes that were touted as NARS ‘O’ dupes, when the only real similarity is that they are warm toned or that the company description contains the words “peachy pink”. it drives me crazy!


    • 2/19/14 10:56 Isabella Muse:

      omg me too kim thank god someone agrees…I think automatically if it says golden peachy pink instantly it’s a nars orgasm dupe. jesus…wth!? it drives me nuts and I agree people get WAYYYYYY to obsessive and carried away with the entire dupe thing. It’s like a cult! lol!


  • 2/19/14 12:08 anne:

    I am really bad about using cream products. I have dark lids so i always use mac soft ochre and then il apply a creme base over it, but the chances of me doing that often are low lol. I wish they would release the matte creme LE shade as perm.~


  • 2/19/14 14:13 Christine Joy Luikuo:

    I don’t see any of them being a dupe to one another. To me it seems like Sleek and Spice is a combination of Nude Compliment and Bad to the Bronze. They’re all pretty (in their own ways) but I’m not a fan of neutrals. =P


  • 2/19/14 14:29 sjgs:

    Good Lawd, peeps is lazy. If I have a dupe question I take my damn e/s in to the store with me and hold them beside each other and/or swatch. No one is going to cart you away or anything. Also, if you’re that worried about replicating something you have, maybe that means you’re in a rut!! Get out of taupe land and put some emerald green on your eyeballs Dorothy!!


  • 2/19/14 22:22 melissa:

    I want all of the new colors because for less than the price of one dior or chanel quad/quint I can have 6 shadows LOL HOWEVER I have not seen them anywhere yet. None of the BBB in las vegas have harmon’s departments which sucks on many levels. If you are right about them being permanent, then I’m not in a rush. As far as the dupe thing goes.. you had referenced temptalia’s new dupe-o-meter as I refer to it and when I really want to know if maybe I have a dupe for something, I go to temptalia. The other bloggers that I follow generally don’t do the dupe thing except for one who only covers nail stuff. Speaking of that… I have UD naked 1 & 3, a chanel naked quad, a couple mac quads with a bronze theme, several naked nyx shadows/palettes, and the same thing happens with purples.. yet why do I want the new Mac $100 palette, because I actually only own 2 of the colors in it and it’s a smoking deal at $6 something each. I’m always drawn to browns and bronzes and warm golds and such. When my budget allows it, I will own the mac one too.. Anyways my ramble is to just say in short, I agree with you and the other commenters here today. I have a stuff nose and I’m going to bed. thanks for distracting me for a bit!


    • 2/20/14 9:23 Isabella Muse:

      LOL aw my pleasure melissa feel better soon and I hope you find them soon and don’t worry, buy as many purples as you want :)


  • 2/20/14 11:14 Lisa:

    Thank you so much for comparing all 3 of them together! I’m sorry to say I was one of those that really wanted to ask you about bad to the bronze comparison but I refrained myself lol. I really didn’t understand the work involved in looking for specific items to compare until I read your post, I’m sorry :( You’re absolutely right, hun. It’s really only a less than $10 item. (9.79 in NYC, boo!) I wand both of them lol. Just a side note, G from nouveau cheap’s blog confirmed with maybelline that all these tattoos are LE so get them when you see them lol.

    Thank you again for all your hard work!! You’re amazing! :)


    • 2/20/14 11:36 Isabella Muse:

      don’t be sorry Lisa, please don’t feel that way! I’m sorry I can’t all these crazy dupes :) maybe if my stash was a bit smaller I can sort through hehe. But I do work full time so I find it hard to sort through dupes, do photos, do posts, hunt new product info gets overwhelming but honestly one day I hope to improve and try to get it all done so don’t be sorry! I just wanted to explain that dupes drive me a little nutty at times. I heard! That’s so sad oh well! I get we better double up! thank YOU! for reading my site :) for visiting, for contributing, for making this a fun beauty experience :)


      • 2/20/14 15:49 Lisa:

        You’re so kind and down to earth! <3 I can't imagine how you can juggle a full time job and blogging. I don't want to do anything after I leave work lol. #MuseRules!

        I'm addicted to your website and read it every day! ;D


        • 2/25/14 16:31 Isabella Muse:

          AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW thanks Lisa 😀 girl I amaze myself sometimes! one word=TIRED :)


  • 2/20/14 13:55 Ludmila Assumpção:

    I didn´t ask for comparisons, but I have to admit that came to mind that the shades could be very similars. Then, you did the comparison and shut our mouths (or minds in my case) hahahaha, and I love you more now!

    Thank you so much for the comparison!You are the best!

    Kisses from Brazil!


    • 2/25/14 16:32 Isabella Muse:

      aw don’t shut your mouth on anything my dear ask away and I can dry to say yes it does look similar or not I haven’t compared or no they aren’t alike etc 😀 don’t be afraid to comment any time! HUGS!


  • 2/24/14 15:22 Kirstin:

    Honestly, you are making yourself look like a complete ass, especially with that $5.99 comment. That is NOT just pennies to many people. Personally, I could never justify spending that much on one little thing of eyeshadow, nor could I afford to have “10 or more different shades of green eyeshadow.” Seems very materialistic to me.


    • 2/24/14 16:27 Isabella Muse:

      first off we’re all adults here Kirstin so you can happily reply to comments here without calling me or anyone else an ass. Secondly, I’m sorry to make off handed remarks about these being affordable but in my world they are beauty budget picks up and quite affordable although I do realize that’s not the case for everyone so I do apologize for that. And thirdly you’re probably in the wrong environment if you think having several shades of green eyeshadow is materialistic. I think everyone including myself on Musings of a Muse are very much into makeup and don’t think it is very odd to have more than one shade of eyeshadow or blush etc. I’m sure you have some sort of passion, perhaps not makeup, that you spend money on as well and in that case none of us are here calling you out on it and labeling you as being materialistic because of it. Everyone has a passion, some sort of hobby, something they spend their money on for pleasure and in my case and many other readers here we enjoy doing that on makeup. Please if you could be an adult the next time you comment that would be appreciated because I won’t be as tolerant next time with the name calling and simply dismiss the comment to be deleted. I just ask you share your thoughts and opinions on topics in a better manner than “you’re an ass”. Thanks so much!


  • 3/2/14 10:09 Poey:

    Excellent reply Muse. I don’t usually post on sites but I feel ur reply was spot on. Anyways this is ur blog, how strange for others to come and try to pass judgement on u and all your faithful readers!!!


    • 3/3/14 12:32 Isabella Muse:

      it’s ok poey, everyone is entitled to an opinion I’d just rather it be voiced without name calling :)


  • 3/7/14 21:08 Sandy:

    Thank you so much for doing this comparison post, it’s like you read my mind. I have Bad to the Bronze but honestly I find it a bit too sparkly and brown, I think that Nude Compliment may be more up my alley. I have a cream shadow from Estee Lauder called Moccachino that I think may be a dupe as well. You’re sweet for posting these swatches, thanks again. :)


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