Maybelline Charming Cocoa Color Elixir Review & Swatches

Maybelline Charming Cocoa Color Elixir spring 2014

Maybelline Charming Cocoa Color Elixir is one of six brand new limited edition shades launched with the Maybelline Dare to Go Nude Spring 2014 Collection.

I’m quite a fan of Maybelline Color Elixir Liquid Color Balm by Color Sensational so it’s nice to see some new shades popping up SO quickly after the launch of this product.

DO buy Maybelline Charming Cocoa Color Elixir! I always have a hard time with nudes but this is actually quite a wearable shade of nude. The color is a natural shade of tan that give lips a nice hint of nude without making me look like a zombie!

Maybelline Color Elixir Liquid Color Balm by Color Sensational launched earlier this Winter in twenty shades. These are a lipstick slash lip balm hybrid formula.

Maybelline Charming Cocoa Color Elixir

Maybelline Charming Cocoa Color Elixir swatches

The formula quite remind me of L’Oreal Colour Caresse Shine Stains but with a far more moisturizing formula that’s thicker and creamier and more recently the L’Oreal Extraordinaire Lip Color.

The Color Exlirs come in a small chubby square tube with a flexible flocked applicator. They have a vanillish/creme brulee flavor and scent.

The texture reminds me of a melted down liquid lip balm of sorts that got poured into a tube. They have a cushy texture on lips and leave them quite hydrated. It’s not completely a weightless formula but wears very pleasantly on my mouth. The formula has a nice hint of tint but isn’t terribly pigmented when it comes to shades like Charming Cocoa but none the less there’s plenty of color pay off here to rave. They have a nice shiny, glossy finish with a wear time of around three to four hours for me.

Maybelline Barely Pink Master Glaze Blush fotd

I’d highly rec a pick up of Charming Cocoa! It does happen to be one of those shades of nude that’s easy to pull off! But grab it now as it is available for a limited time this Spring! Boo!


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 2/12/14 21:06 Anna:

    Gosh, Maybelline is just killin’ it lately! I picked up 2 of these elixir glosses last week and loved them.


  • 2/12/14 21:14 Adrienne:

    That looks absolutely PERFECT on you Muse! I am loving it and I know you’re funny about your nudes from your previous reviews. That is one of the best nudes with shine that I have seen. A must by for me. I hope I haven’t missed this one already thinking it was just reassembled the same products in a different display. I know you don’t care for lip liners but did you use anything underneath it?


    • 2/14/14 14:55 Isabella Muse:

      thank you dear! 😀 I really appreciate that 😀 nothing, this is it, no balm, no stain, no liner just this :) It’s actually in a special display with five other shades so you prob didn’t miss it!


  • 2/12/14 21:22 Nat:

    I really like these; I have it in Breathtaking Apricot and, although the shine goes away after a couple hours (and eating/drinking), the pigment lasts on me until I wash my face at the end of the day! Looking forward to these new colours. :3


  • 2/12/14 21:55 Ashley:

    I’m always tempted to try out these new promising formulations. But to me they never deliver and don’t last for the price. I hate buying several drugstore versions at $8 a piece when I should have just bought one universal gloss from Chanel or Clinque, after wasting that much money I could have got the one I really liked and just been done with it.


  • 2/12/14 23:39 yuvee:

    Sigh, I was all prepared to adore these glosses but sadly they turn gritty on my lips within an hour.


  • 2/13/14 0:44 Brandy:

    This is a great color on you! No zombie lips here!


    • 2/13/14 9:16 Isabella Muse:

      thanks girl :)


  • 2/13/14 6:29 Amber:

    I really like this color. Might just have to pick it up! Haven’t tried any of the elixir’s yet…


  • 2/13/14 7:09 Christina:

    That’s a gorgeous color…adds to list of stuff to look for at CVS and Wags :)


  • 2/13/14 11:36 sarai:

    Wow, Isabella Muse this is a beautiful natrual color on you, I adore it! Must go out and purchase this now lol thanks!


    • 2/14/14 14:48 Isabella Muse:

      aw my pleasure sarai thank YOU!


  • 2/13/14 13:33 amy:

    None of the permanent shades appealed to me, but the one that does has to be LE…


  • 2/14/14 5:38 Celine:

    Hello Mlle Muse,
    I was wondering – have you ever done a post on your daily skincare & make-up routine? You’ve tested out looads of brands and products, do you have any particular preferences? (Especially re the Japanese & Korean ones)
    Sorry my question is kind of irrelevant to this post, I’m not sure how else to ask! ^-^


  • 2/15/14 1:18 Maggie:

    Thank you so much for commenting on hydration bc my lips always feel perpetually dry. I was definitely drawn in when you mentioned that the texture felt like a lip balm was melted to make this. I will be picking up one for sure now even though fragrances always makes me wary–especially since I can’t stand the scent of the Maybelline lipsticks (which is unfortunate–I love the colors and texture!)


  • 2/17/14 21:33 Suzanne:

    Hi Muse,

    Thanks for the great review! It is hard for me to find nude lip color too and I really love this gloss! I like it so much I ran and bought a back-up knowing that it is a limited edition :)


    • 2/18/14 9:00 Isabella Muse:

      good for you! I THINK maybe I need one too Suzanne :) Enjoy!!!!


  • 2/18/14 13:39 lisa:

    I picked up an Elixr yesterday but sadly I am not loving it. On me the balm feels like it’s ready to just slide right off my lips- kind of thick and a bit slimey. All is not lost, I will use it as a top coat on top of a lipstick as an alternative to wearing it solo.


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