Milani Bella Rosa Matte Baked Blush Review & Swatches

Milani Matte Baked Blush

Milani Bella Rosa Matte Baked Blush is one of two new matte finish baked blush shades that Milani has introduced with their Spring 2014 Collection.

There’s already a wide array of beautiful Baked Blush shades that Milani offers in their permanent collection but they are sadly lacking in any matte shades. I imagine this is exciting for those who aren’t fans of shimmer!

Take a look!

Milani Bella Rosa Baked Blush

Milani Bella Rosa Matte Baked Blush is a bright almost rosy red pink with absolutely no shimmer, sparkle, or glitter of any kind. This is unique shade that will really pop on darker skin tones.

The formula has a dense yet soft, silky texture that isn’t powdery or chalky and blends easily onto cheeks leaving behind a sheer was of color or with a heavier hand a majorly dramatic finish. This is the color that gives you that just walked into from the cold look. If you have ruddiness in your cheeks or you’re super pale it may not exactly work for you as it is pretty bold! However, if you’re determined to own it and make it work might I suggest application with a fan brush?

Milani Bella Rosa Matte Baked Blush swatches

The blush comes in a dual compartment which features the blush on top and a smaller well for the brush below. The brush is a nice extra with soft bristles however, I prefer using my own blush for application. I’ve said it in the past but I must admit that as gorgeous as the formula is I’m shallow enough to say I dislike Milani’s gold packaging. It scratches up easily, attracts fingerprints, and it just looks old and used after a single use. I wish they’d update there packaging slightly!

Milani Bella Rosa Matte Baked Blush fotd

Aside from my packaging rants I have to say that Milani Bella Rosa Matte Baked Blush is a winner! It probably won’t be a sad that works for everyone but if you love vibrant, pigment packed blushes that aren’t going to cost you an arm and a leg this is a great formula!

Do buy!

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  • 2/21/14 10:38 Christina D.:

    I bought this one and the pink one as soon as I saw them at CVS. I’ve had all of Milani’s baked blushes at one time or another, always trying to find one that didn’t have too much (preferably no) glitter. Voila! These baked matte blushes are wonderful!

    BTW a bit off subject but the bright color reminded me about the rumored Urban Decay Electric palette. I found some pictures and swatches on-line and cannot wait to get my UD loving hands on it! I think these Milani blushes will work very well with the bright UD palette. If you know of a release date (I’ve read speculation about March 1, but UD is still silent), text me!!!


    • 2/25/14 16:26 Isabella Muse:

      yay happy you got both! I peeked those pictures someone tweeted them to me and my mouth was hanging open but lord knows I can’t wait brights like that anymore 😀


  • 2/21/14 11:48 Sarai:

    Looks gorgeous on you! Gonna have to try this color:) thank you!


    • 2/21/14 11:48 Isabella Muse:

      aw thanks sarai! def do it is lovely!


  • 2/21/14 13:07 Anne K:

    These colors are so pretty. I could just stare at the compacts all day!


  • 2/21/14 19:56 Maddie:

    Looks beautiful! I am a fan of matte blushes, so I’ll have to pick this one up. :)


  • 2/21/14 20:16 cindy:

    my Walgreens does not carry any Milani goodies. You?


  • 2/23/14 21:50 Andrea K:

    I just bought the Deliziosio Pink blush today at CVS and can’t wait to try it! I would have also purchased Bella Rosa, but they were sold out. I love the Milani baked blushes:)


    • 2/24/14 11:49 Isabella Muse:

      yay enjoy Andrea :)


  • 2/24/14 11:23 Ruth:

    Milani is on sale this week at CVS, buy 1 get 1 half off. here’s hoping that I can find these beautiful blushes!


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