Pixi Beauty Makeup Brush Review

Pixi Beauty Makeup Brush12

For Spring 2014 there is a new Pixi Beauty Makeup Brush Collection available online at pixibeauty.com and I’m sure at some point the makeup brushes will also launch at Target as well.

The Pixi Beauty Makeup Brush Collection will include 9 cruelty free (taklon nylon hair) essential brushes.

Take a look!

This collection includes:

  • Lash & Brow Brush $8
  • Lip Brush $10
  • Cat Liner Brush $12
  • Flat Liner Brush $12
  • Precision Brush $12
  • Crease Brush $12
  • Cream Base Brush $16
  • Shadow Brush $14
  • Cheek Brush $22

Pixi Cat Liner Brush

Pixi Cheek Brush

Pixi Cream Brush

Pixi Crease Brush

Pixi Flat Liner Brush

Pixi Lash and Brow Brush

Pixi Lip Brush

Pixi Precision Liner Brush

Pixi Shadow Brush

Each brush features a light green brush handle and a bronze brown surround. The brushes have a shorter handle which makes for easy storage and travel. I wouldn’t call them mini size but they are in between a regular size and a travel size brush. I don’t mind the short handles as I always feel they shorter handles fit better in my hand and give me more control during application.

I will warn you they do smell quite badly out of the packaging so a good wash is recommended. Sometimes synthetic bristles can smell a bit off but it quickly goes away after a wash.

The bristles are very soft and almost on par with Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair Brushes. Bristles don’t shed even after the few washings I put them through. I washed them three times to be exact and they retained their shape well and the bristles also remained soft through the washings.

If you’re in the market for a cruelty free brush selection the Pixi Beauty Makeup Brush Collection is a good place to start. I’d suggest picking up the crease and shadow brushes as both are excellent brushes for application. Particularly the crease which has a nice slant for blending around the outer v and into the crease.

Get them now at PixiBeauty.com.

  • 2/20/14 16:20 Robin:

    Nice! I m looking for a nice set. By the way, it’s 76 degrees in NC :D.


  • 2/20/14 18:33 Robin:

    Thank you! K, now leaving your site. Need to open my windows for fresh warm air! :).

    Thanks sgain!!


    • 2/25/14 16:29 Isabella Muse:

      my pleasure :)


  • 2/20/14 20:41 Crystal:

    These are really cute! I’ve been looking for another set so I will keep an eye out for these.


  • 2/21/14 10:33 butterdaisy:

    These are pretty. I just love the color combo.


  • 2/21/14 15:49 Renu:

    I love the colour! Some of those brush heads look small, which is just what my tiny eyes need. Time to prepare that birthday wishlist!


  • 2/22/14 2:05 Iris:

    A great price for these. Badger, etc. bristle hair brushes creep me out, so I’m happy to find a vegan alternative for a good price.


  • 2/24/14 21:14 ZG:

    Nice brushes.


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