Roc Multi Correxion 5 In 1 Perfecting Cream Available at Drugstores Soon

Roc BB Cream

Roc Multi Correxion 5 In 1 Perfecting Cream SPF 25 is a new BB Cream that’s coming soon to drugstores kids. This lightweight BB Cream has multiply benefits and comes in a single sheer shade.

Take a look!

Roc Multi Correxion 5 In 1 Perfecting Cream combines coverage with anti-aging benefits in this formula. An SPF 25 protects skin while Roc’s formula fights fine lines, improves the appearance of dark spots, smooths skin’s texture, moisturizes, and brightens.

Roc’s skincare product get a good deal of raves so count me curious about the formula of their first ever BB Cream.

Anyone try it yet or see it at their local drugstore?

Do share!

  • 2/11/14 11:41 Elena:

    I saw it in CVS last night for $28.99. It seems really steep for a drugstore BB cream but if it works anything like Roc’s other great anti-aging creams then it just may be worth a try.


  • 2/11/14 12:44 Linda:

    I’m intrigued…but I’m dubious about that “single sheer shade.”


    • 2/11/14 16:00 Elena:

      Me too! I hate single shades of any complexion correcting makeup. It just doesn’t make sense to me!


  • 2/12/14 10:51 Eraser:

    RoC is fantastic stuff – hands down the best retinol products out there at half the price of others. I’ll most definitely be trying this although it might wind up being just a primer/day cream for me if the coverage doesn’t compare to my favorite Korean BBs.


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