Sephora CC Care Color Review & Swatches

Sephora CC Care Color cc cream

Sephora CC Care Color is a new CC Cream that launched for Spring 2014. You may already be familiar with the Sephora Skin Perfect CC Cream but this new variation is available in a single shade that promises a host of new benefits.

Take a look!

Sephora CC Care Color

Sephora CC Care Color CC Cream is a helix design that looks like it contains a moisturizer paired up with a tinted CC Cream. It’s odd and interesting design to say the least.

I’ve tried it a few times already and both the shades seem to combine when product is dispensed. I thought perhaps they’d be slightly separated when they were pumped out but they actually just squirt out already blended together. The formula is supposedly to adapt to your skin tone and promises to even skin tone, minimize redness, tighten pores, reduce the signs of aging, etc…

I tried it on myself a few friends in a variety of skin tones and most everyone ended up with an orange-y beige color. It didn’t adapt so great I fear. The creaminess of the product is quite nice with a smooth, soft dry set that’s slightly satiny. It applies like a moisturizer of sorts, absorbs easily, and blends well. It produces more of a no makeup look the shade fits your skin tone but does leave an orange cast if it doesn’t. I tried it on myself and it gave me an orange-y dull look but tried it on a friend who was about two tones darker and on her it looked quite natural. It does even out skin tone but it won’t offer major coverage and the color correcting benefits you’d expect from a CC are sorely lacking here as it isn’t going to ease dullness or minimize redness, etc…!

Sephora CC Care Color swatches

Wear time seems to be shorter at around four hours before it starts to fade away. A quick look at the ingredients doesn’t show anything extra special so at this point it’s more like a tinted moisturizer in my eyes.

Not sure you need this one….! Coverage is ok, the single shade doesn’t adapt very well and in this case I’d be more happy to rave it if it did as the creaminess of the product is quite nice, however, the lack of coverage, the poor color choice, and the shorter wear time and the benefits of a CC Cream that doesn’t actually correct, well, it kinda makes it a poor choice in the CC Cream world.

I’d skip this one.

If you are interested it’s available at Sephora and


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