A Wish I Had a Jewlery Box That Was Bigger On the Inside to Store All my Jewelry!

Tardis Jewelry Box

I sometimes wish I had a jewelry box that was bigger on the inside to store all my jewelry! Oh WAIT there is a jewelry box like that.

What better way to store your jewelry than in the Tardis? It might look like the Tardis but no traveling through time and space with this! It’s all about storing your jewelry!

5 small drawers, six hooks, and a latch that easily opens and closes to stash away all your important geeky jewels and accessories.

Tardis Jewelry Box 1

Nifty right?

Possibly a must have for all the Whovian fans out there too!

Available at ThinkGeek.com.

  • 2/18/14 3:24 Heather:

    Too cute! I wouldn’t even want it though, UNLESS Tennant came with it! 😀 Hehehe


    • 2/18/14 9:03 Isabella Muse:

      that’d be nice :)


  • 2/18/14 18:01 Sayre:

    Love It!! Must Own. 😉


  • 6/2/14 6:45 Alicia:

    I wish the color was pink and the box was a tad bit bigger.


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