Did I Tell You How Much I Love….


  • 2/14/14 15:01 Christina D.:

    No, you didn’t and I just noticed this on the top of your blog today. I’m not a fan, but I do have a story: I used to work at Columbia Records and Pink Floyd was one of the artists on my roster. So, when Roger Waters needed to get the master tapes for “Delicate Sound of Thunder” to the office in NY, he insisted that someone fly to LAX and pick them up — in other words, no Fed X, courier, etc. etc. So, my boss asked me if I would go and I said flat out “no”.

    Like I said, I’m not a fan.


    • 2/14/14 15:24 Isabella Muse:

      lol! I’ve kept the secret of my Pink Floyd love from you! ;-D you’re joking? I’d have walked there with the album although Delicate Sound of Thunder isn’t really my bag, I’m more the Wall and Dead side of Moon! LOL why the hate? Syd Barrett’s break down fascinated me…some say the music was so great due to his mental illness….


  • 2/14/14 15:45 Christina D.:

    Don’t misunderstand me, I certainly don’t hate Floyd. I think it’s more that I jut don’t “get” them. Syd Barrett def seemed an interesting person but I don’t connect with the music. I always says it’s ’cause I never did drugs (not saying you do or any of the fans necessarily do — but let’s be honest that Floyd’s songs are definitely under the influence).


    • 2/14/14 15:49 Isabella Muse:

      lol but that’s actually kinda part of the joy of Floyd. Whether it was drugs or a total break down the creation of some of their songs and even the meaning (welcome to the machine for example) was really rather powerful stuff. Of course, some songs absolutely went off the reservation but they had such a uniqueness, it’s truly incredible vintage rock. I think they are a relic of a great age of music! and yeah, I mean, Syd was completely freaking fascinating.


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