Beauty in a Bag is Cool Courtesy These New Too Faced Sets

Too Faced Cosmetics Sets

Cause a Scandal or be Paparazzi Ready with these new Too Faced Bag Beauty Sets. I figure the only thing better that comes in a ziploc bag is a PB&J sandwich on white bread with the crusts cut off.

Too Faced brings together $100 worth of beauty and tucks into this cute little ziploc bag with a reduces price for Spring.

Take a peek!

Too Faced Cause a Scandal


Too Faced Cause a Scandal

Too Faced Paparazzi Ready $40

Too Faced Paparazzi Ready

Get ’em now at Sephora and

PB&J sold separately.


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  • 2/27/14 13:43 Denise:

    I’m a little sad because when I first saw the boudoir eyes palette and then the cause a scandal deal I was so excited bc I fell in love with the palette online. But then I swatched the palette in store and half the colors were nonexistent on me. I can’t justify buying the palette when I can only use 2-3 colors :( its a shame bc it looks so beautiful on other people!


  • 2/27/14 14:09 thebeavercat:

    I feel like too faced it trying to get rid of all their old packaging products, and it turns me off ;(


    • 2/27/14 16:59 Kathy:

      I was wondering this too, but it looks like the Boudoir Eyes is actually the new packaging


  • 2/27/14 14:56 Renu:

    I want Cause A Scandal! And Muse, how do you invoice for that sandwich? I need it!


    • 2/27/14 15:55 Isabella Muse:

      lol I’ll send you one free!


  • 2/27/14 14:58 amy:

    I went back & forth on the Boudoir Eyes palette, but ultimately decides to pass on it. Now, I may reconsider… In the meantime, I really want a PB&J sandwich now.


    • 2/27/14 15:05 Isabella Muse:

      me too dying of hunger better yet a nutella, peanut butter and banana sandwich on white toast please


      • 2/28/14 15:59 Tanya:

        That sounds so good! I tend to eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches on toast too and I can’t believe I’ve never thought of adding Nutella. Thanks for the idea. :)


        • 3/3/14 15:31 Isabella Muse:

          ha my pleasure but don’t blame me for any weight gain 😀


  • 2/28/14 1:51 Veronica:

    Sandwiches without crust???? What is this madness?! That’s the best part!

    I’ve been eyeing the Budoir palette for awhile now, so this might turn my eye toward it again. I really love TF for the fact that it’s one of the few brands that occasionally releases cool-toned neutral palettes. I can put up with the occasional powderiness of their mattes for that reason. :)


    • 2/28/14 10:41 Isabella Muse:

      lol nooooo how can you have decent tea and a sammie if the crusts are getting in the way!? you must cut them off ;-D perfect excuse to get with all these cool extras ;D


  • 2/28/14 8:22 Ashley:

    I love the concept of this. I think the price is pretty reasonable too especially for what you get.


  • 2/28/14 17:14 deathbyjava:

    I’m glad that Too Face is continuing to offer these bag deals! I got the La Creme lipstick set during the last VIB sale which came with two full size lipsticks, one full size lip liner, and a deluxe sample size of the lip primer. It was excellent value and now I’m hooked onto this lipstick line. Excellent pigmentation, has a nice balm feel and smells awesome.

    I haven’t tried any Too Faced eyeshadows so I am going to get the eyeshadow set.


  • 2/28/14 20:29 kellly:

    HA HA HA I love that you included those pictures of the sandwich!


    • 3/3/14 15:29 Isabella Muse:



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