Airwick Brings Baby Magic to Home Fragrance

airwick baby magic

Airwick brings Baby Magic to Home Fragrance with their newest plugin fragrance scent. Yup, that soothing, calming, relaxing, soft baby aroma can scent your entire home now.

Airwick recently introduced a Familiar Favorites Collection and one of the fragrances was Baby Magic (as well as Snuggle fabric softener).

The best part of a baby is of course that fresh clean new born scent. It’s powdery, it’s clean, it’s something I think we’ve all tried to recapture for ourselves at some point in our lives. It’s just so lovely and fresh! I actually wash my hair with baby shampoo once a week because it’s so gentle and smells so lovely (it also clarifies nicely too).

I was excited that Airwick decided to embrace that newborn scent and package it up in some new home fragrance options. The scent is offered in Airwick’s standard oil plugins as well as automatic air fresheners as well.

Aside from Baby Magic they also have a new Snuggle line of products as well which captures that fresh just from the drier cotton sheet scent!

I’m busy burning Bath & Body Works Spring 2014 Candles and feeling all tropical in my bedroom but around my house I plugged in a few of the Airwick Baby Magic and Snuggle plugins like in my bathroom and laundry room.

Ahhh perfect relaxing, soothing fresh baby scent and clean cotton sheets.

Do like!

I picked these up at the evil empire (Walmart) and I’m unsure if they are exclusive or not! I haven’t yet seen them in Target so hopeful that’ll pop up at Target too and aren’t limited edition as they smell lovely!

  • 3/19/14 12:03 Kimmwc03:

    They also have a Cinnabon one which is awesome. The Baby Magic one doesn’t seem to put out much scent IMHO. I also bought the Snuggle one but have yet to try it.


    • 3/19/14 12:22 Isabella Muse:

      put two around! Helps in larger rooms :) didn’t try the cinnabon but do want!


  • 3/19/14 12:22 Kate:

    I’m going to buy these for my baby free best friend as a joke for her birthday. ^_^


  • 3/19/14 13:07 Cindy:

    I have asthma and most home fragrances (plug-ins, candles, sprays, etc.) make me gag. But I think this one wouldn’t!!


  • 3/19/14 20:54 Nat:

    I wish they made “puppy” scent…there’s something about that puppy smell; makes you want to just shove your nose in their little tummies! 😀


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