Bobbi Brown Crystal Eye Palette Review & Swatches

Bobbi Brown Bronze Eye Palette7

The Bobbi Brown Crystal Eye Palette ($50) is one of three new eyeshadow quads that launched with the Bobbi Brown Nude Glow Collection earlier this year.

I’ve already reviewed the other two palettes the Bronze Eye Palette being my favorite of the bunch. The Crystal Eye Palette is a bit cooler and quite crisp if you will so if you look best in cooler, sparkling shades you’ll love this one.

The Bobbi Brown Crystal Eye Palette contains four shadows two of which are Sparkle Eye Shadow which is my favorite formula from Bobbi.

Bobbi Brown Crystal Eye Palette

You get:

  • Porcelain Eyeshadow
  • Opal Sparkle Eyeshadow
  • Mica Sparkle Eyeshadow
  • Angel Pink Eyeshadow

Bobbi Brown Crystal Eye Palette swatches

Opal, Angel Pink, Porcelain, Mica

The two main eyehadows are soft, silky textures with a satin finish where as the sparkle shadows have a more chunkier, flakier texture with a sparkle finish. Not everyone loves the Sparkle Eyeshadow formula but it happens to be one of my favorites from Bobbi. These tend to run a bit sheerer and some shades produce a bit more fall out than others but they create such a lovely sparkly glow on eyes that I don’t mind the extra work applying them.

These quad of colors does have the potential to run together though as it is hard to contrast using shades that are this light. Angel Pink is probably the darkest shade in terms of pigment with the other shades have sheerer color pay off. The colors do run on the pastel side of the fence and are considerably cooler than the other two eyeshadow palettes in this collection. These are nice for a lovely brightening eye look or a very subtle one.

I do question at $50 if you’re willing to dish for a mere four shades. Bobbi is a luxurious brand so she is priced accordingly…but I think think perhaps the Crystal Eye Palette was a little too sheer for that larger price tag. Ouchie! I wish she’d shave off a few dollars on her eyeshadow palettes lately. As much as I adore her makeup I’m seeing a bigger and bigger price tag on smaller palettes that makes me wince slightly.

On the upside….

If you like cooler shades, you have aging eyes that want just a subtle touch of color, or you just love Bobbi’s stuff you’ll likely love this palette.

The Bobbi Brown Crystal Eye Palette is available for a limited time on counters or online at


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  • 3/12/14 20:51 Jo:

    Pretty but I feel it would work better if the sparkle shades had more contrast and one was darker so they would make a full look easier


  • 3/12/14 22:02 Ashley:

    Beautiful! I love the darker pink shade.


  • 3/13/14 4:37 Shireen L. Platt:

    Shame that it’s too shimmery for my liking :-(


  • 3/13/14 9:40 kellly:

    oooh, the colors are definitely beautiful but the price tag makes this a no-go for me


  • 3/13/14 11:37 Tammy:

    These colors are so beautiful, but $50..ouch!!


  • 3/13/14 17:17 Majick:

    THey just featured pink eye shadow in March Allure Magazine. These colors are very pretty but I can say no to the glitter; and, “not just no” to the price tag.

    The prices of some products are just so insane I have to wonder what type of person is actually shelling out for them. It makes me sad that my salary is not keeping up with the times. UGH… (ok, nuff said.)


  • 3/13/14 22:44 ZG:

    For 50.00 there simply is not enough color payoff-nice packaging though.


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