Dr Denese HydroShield Eye Serum Review

Dr Denese HydroShield Eye Serum

If you’re shopping anti-aging skincare I HIGHLY suggest Dr Denese! Dr Denese HydroShield Eye Serum ($58) is an absolutely must have for those with fine lines, wrinkles and crepiness. Most importantly? It’s essential for drier eyes!

Rich in ceramides, fatty acids, and retinol I use this eye serum lightly in the AM and heavily in the PM prior to my regular eye cream. Granted you can use it alone but I like adding eye cream on top of it.

It’s very rich! Very slippery! And very moisturizing! It has a matte dry down but on first application its very slick and slippery as you apply. It’s like a cup of water for your eyes as it not only adds moisture but it also treats lines you may already have and prevents new ones from forming. Recently, I decided to try out another retinol eye cream and it dried my eyes out even worst than they already are. It also created crepiness and new lines due to that dryness. Thank the heavens for Dr Denese as I dropped that eye cream out of my regime and started reusing this and my eyes went back to being normal again.

I find it a touch heavy for daily use so apply a very small drop under eyes if you’re using it in the day! At night I apply a more generous amount and allow it to dry down before applying a regular eye cream on top.

It’s one of thee best eye serums you can use in my opinon as it greatly reduces the appearance of my fine lines and adds softness under my eyes.

This one comes with a Muse Approval.

If you have drier eyes or mature eyes with finer lines and wrinkles it’s an essential tool for treating and preventing these issues.

Loves it!

Available from qvc.com or www.drdenese.com.

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  • 3/27/14 10:18 Suselew:

    And, Dr. Denese is cruelty-free! I am replacing all my other non-cruelty brands of skincare with her products. She has the education and experience to back up her products. I absolutely love everything I have from her.


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