Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm Review & Swatches

Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm1

Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm ($18 at Gooddealer) is a new pot lip balm with a highly emollient formula for keeping lips super soft, hydrated, and nourished.

It’s supposedly formulated with three types of honey which include rose, orange, and lavender honey as well as rose hip oil and shea butter.

Let’s take a look!

Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm

As you can see part of Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm’s appeal is the packaging. This comes in a jeweled decked pot that features Jill Stuart’s traditional silver mirrored packaging with a cute little bow decking the front of the topper and the top having a crystal featuring Jill’s initials.

Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm3

Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm4

Melty Lip Balm is available in three shades all of which share the White Floral Bouquet Fragrance from Jill Stuart’s fragrance collection. No worries it isn’t unpleasant in the least unless you’re sensitive to fragrance and flavor in your lip products. I always slightly scared of perfume-y lipsticks and gloss but this actually has a rather soothing rose bouquet scent and flavor that’s rather relaxing and very pleasant. It does not leave a bitter or nasty taste in your mouth.

Rose Pink and Lavender White are two permanent shades where as Orange Coral is a limited edition shade (I picked this one up because I love shades like this!).

These have a highly emollient texture with a thick texture but they remain fairly lightweight on lips without being sticky or tacky. I find the wear very comforting with a soft, hydrating feel and I enjoy the fact the balm ads a nice glossiness to my lips. Well after the product wears away lips still feel very soft and nourished. Orange Coral is quite translucent and adds a very, very sheer, subtle touch of color.

Jill Stuart Orange Coral Melty Lip Balm

Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm swatches

If you’re looking to go a little cheaper I actually think Etude House Dear Girls Lip Balm or Etude House Etude House Lip Perfume are superior products. These have more of a slippery texture with a highly glossy feature and are a little less thick. This isn’t to say Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm isn’t lovely because it truly is. However, at $4-$7 Etude House wins the budget pick…! Of course, with Etude you get more cutesy packaging versus the elegance of Jill Stuart.

Overall, Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm brings glass to the lip balm world with a gorgeous formula and even more gorgeous packaging.

My friend in Japan actually purchased this for me but Kevin from Gooddealer.com also has them in stock.


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 3/5/14 9:22 Deb:

    Happy Hump Day Muse! I’ve never tried this brand but you rave them so hard and those lippies you posted earlier this week are beautiful. I just love the packaging although at my age I feel like I should be going more for the grown up, elegant stuff. But I want those lippies dammit! Screw the grown up stuff! Question for you: I’ve never ordered from the retailers you mention in these posts on Asian products. Is the shipping crazy expensive?


    • 3/5/14 9:44 Isabella Muse:

      Happy Hump Day deb! :) hey, it is elegant and very grown up :) You’re NEVER TOO OLD for pretty makeup! ever! :) Adam (adambeauty.com) has very reasonable shipping at around $2 per item. Gooddealer also has fairly reasonable shipping at around $2-$3 per item. AlphabeautyUK on E-bay also has fairly reasonable pricing at around $2-$4 shipping depending on the item’s size. It’s via airmail with tracking and arrives typically within 7 to 10 days so I’d say fairly nice shipping prices :)


      • 3/5/14 12:38 Deb:

        Thanks Muse, you’re the best! That is very reasonable. And you’re right about the packaging, who am I kidding :)


        • 3/5/14 12:41 Isabella Muse:

          aw thanks chica ;-D let me know what you think after you tried 😉 hope you like!


  • 3/5/14 13:12 kimmyyy:

    Her stuff is SO GORGEOUS! I can’t get over the packaging! I think, being a lip balm addict and all, that this will have to be a little birthday splurge for me.

    You mention that it does have a smell but that it isn’t unpleasant. Is it very strong? As in, will I be able to smell it even after I apply it? That’s really the only time fragrance in a makeup product bothers me. I hate being able to smell my foundation or something, uhg!


    • 3/7/14 14:16 Isabella Muse:

      mmm it disappears within 20 minutes or so kimmy it doesn’t linger terribly.


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