MAC PatentPolish Lip Pencils Coming Soon to Counters

MAC PatentPolish Lip Pencil Collection

The MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil Collection is coming soon to counters kids! This uniquely blended creamy emoilent chubby lip pencil promises an smooth texture with lucious shine.

Available in 12 shades MAC PatentPolish Lip Pencils have a twist up design so no sharpener is required!

Take a peek!

MAC PatentPolish Lip Pencils


  • Innocent nude beige
  • Teen Dream bright coral orange
  • Go for Girlie bright yellow-pink
  • Revved Up creamy peach
  • Fearless deep blue-pink
  • Berry Bold orange-red
  • Sulta na dark grape
  • Hopelessly Devoted bright clean fuchsia
  • Sponta neous soft plum with pearl
  • Kittenish mauvey pink
  • Pate ntpink washed-out lilac
  • Pleasant rosy pink

MAC PatentPolish Lip Pencil

MAC PatentPolish Lip pencils are $20 each and available April 3rd on counters and online at

Are you indulging?

I’ll be snatching these up as I’m obsessed with chunky lip pencils!

  • 3/27/14 16:42 Ronda:

    I want the second from the bottom. Goodness.


  • 3/27/14 20:32 Kathy:

    I love the look of the product, but that promo pic has me wanting to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show! Lips!


    • 3/27/14 21:58 cgfau:

      LOL..I thought the same thing!


    • 3/28/14 15:20 Majick:

      LOVE THOSE LIPS! (the promo pic ain’t bad either LOL)


  • 3/28/14 15:21 Majick:

    I’m looking forward to trying one of these. Now if I can just drag my one friend away from her desk long enough for a ride to Shrewsbury, NJ.


  • 3/29/14 12:21 Cindy:

    I am so paranoid that if I will take this on te go on one fine day I will run out but I would never know when because I don’t know how much I used up. I prefer lipgloss in a clear housing or a lipstick so that I can see the little plastick rim underneath and know when lippies time is near. Then again I just hate it so much that I just don’t buy stuff if it isn’t in a clear housing.I just love, love, love to see how much there is left of my beloved products so that I always know when to buy new ones, or try new ones but that’s a diffrent story.


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