Marc Jacobs Delights with a new Daisy Delight Fragrance

Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight

Fans of Marc Jacobs Daisy will delight in the fact their is a new Daisy Delight Fragrance for Spring 2014. Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight will be available in an EDT for a limited time with a new lighter, fresh scent as well as new packaging.

The whimsical and delightful fragrance of Daisy gets a revamp with this new Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight Fragrance! Available with a new fresher, light scent that includes notes of apple, quince flower, freesia as well as a iris, gardenia, peony with a base of musks, cedarwood, sandalwood, Daisy Delight brings together a touch of sweetness combined with delicate feminine floral notes!

New packaging also delights with a pink colored perfume and whimsical plastic flowers decorating the topper and a light aquatic blue colored fragrance for the smaller size with the same pretty flowers decorating the topper.

The smaller size will be $75 with the larger marked at $89.

Are you a Marc Jacobs Daisy girl?

Which edition of Daisy have you liked best so far?

I’m eager to try out the new lighter scent for Spring/Summer!

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  • 3/12/14 19:15 Lulu:

    I love perfume, and I’ve always admired Daisy from afar – But this new lighter sweeter version with the adorable packaging makes me want to give it a whirl. It looks so pretty!


  • 3/12/14 19:47 Megan:

    This… is gong to be a problem. I have a whole bunch of the Marc Jacobs fragrances and can’t seem to resist buying them all! And it sounds like this one is going to be even more suited to my usual tastes – agh! :-)


  • 3/13/14 12:11 Kimmwc03:

    I gotta get this. I love Daisy.


  • 3/13/14 18:20 Ashley:

    There are so many wonderful fragrances out there for spring. My favs are Chanel chance eau tendre, and FLori by vince camuto. I can’t wait to smell these I’m sure they are nice. Daisy is a great everyday fragrance.


  • 3/13/14 18:21 Ashley:

    I love the daisy fragrances. I’m sure these are great the au fraiche versions are great. The daisy tinted pink fragrance is great.


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