Maybelline Pure Nude Color Tattoo Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

Maybelline Pure Nude Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

Maybelline Pure Nude Color Tattoo Eyeshadow is one of six new limited edition cream eyeshadows Maybelline has introduced with a Spring 2014 Collection entitled Dare to Go Nude.

I feel like Pure Nude is a rehash of every light cream beige that Maybelline has done since introducing the Color Tattoo Eyeshadow Collection. I wasn’t a fan of shades like Barely Branded (Permanent) and Barely Beige (Limited Edition Fall 2012).

Take a look!

If you’re curious Maybelline Pure Nude Color Tattoo Eyeshadow swatches side by side with Barely Beige and Barely Branded looks identical but it a touch pinker where as Barely Branded leans towards being more lighter beige and Barely Beige has a bit more peach to it. All three shades after a bit of testing look exactly the same on my lid as well as my arm however, have subtle differences in the pan.

Maybelline Pure Nude Color Tattoo Eyeshadow swatches

Pure Nude, Barely Beige, Barely Branded

Maybelline Pure Nude Color Tattoo Eyeshadow is a lighter creamy beige with a slightly golden pink undertone. I dislike the shade because it’s quite frosty on my lids and applies with a patchiness that I find unflattering. It’ll make a good base for powder shadows but all over my lid I dislike the finish and appearance of the shade.

Out of the six shades released for Spring 2014 I think Pure Nude was the most disappointing due to not only the application and wear but also the fact that it is easy enough to duplicate using either Barely Beige or Barely Branded.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow Pure Nude Swatches

Maybelline has since confirmed that the six new Color Tattoo Eyeshadows for Spring 2014 are not permanent and limited edition with a wider launch this month in drugstores.

Good luck locating and don’t forget back ups of your favs as when they are gone they are gone!

Do you own Pure Nude?

What were your thoughts on it?

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  • 3/5/14 19:01 Stephanie C.:

    That’s a bummer that this one is so close to Barely Branded/Beige! I read on another blog that most of the lighter shades end up having the same effect as those two. Might have to snag one of the taupes. :)


  • 3/5/14 22:00 Sunny:

    Sorry to hear you didn’t like this one!
    I felt dumb buying it because I figured it was too much like Barely Branded, but I’ve ended up loving it. That tiny hint of pink just looks so much better on me than Barely Branded.

    Wish these were permanent :(


    • 3/6/14 9:51 Isabella Muse:

      Me too Sunny me too damn shame they are LE. Aw don’t be sorry, I’m glad to hear it worked for you!


  • 3/5/14 22:12 Nat:

    Okay Muse, here’s what I’m thinking – this is a conspiracy amongst all you beauty bloggers to tease us with these new Tattoo colours because I can’t find them ANYWHERE WAAAAAAAH!

    LOLZ I did find a couple of the Elixer shades, though, so I’m looking forward to using those. Maybe I’ll get lucky and I’ll see the Tattoo shades later since you say there’s a wider launch later this month? I can only hope! 😀


    • 3/6/14 9:51 Isabella Muse:

      lol I promise that’s not the case nat sorry you didn’t find them yet my dear! you will I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you! <3!


      • 3/6/14 11:43 Nat:

        Hee-hee, thanks sweetie! 😀


        • 3/6/14 12:15 Isabella Muse:
  • 3/14/14 22:03 Monica:

    I used to love all the color tattoo shadows. They were the only cream shadows @ the drugstore that wouldn’t crease on me. However, I used one the other day that I hadn’t used in a while & it creased!!! I’m wondering if this happens when they get old!?


  • 3/26/14 14:17 Gillie:

    I keep hoping one of these rehashed lighter shades will be close enough to my Benefit Bunny Hop that I’ll “need” it. Barely Branded replaced my Benefit Birthday Suit, but I want something a little more peachy-pink.

    They’re getting closer, I think…I might be feeling tempted!


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