New Blushes for Spring 2014

new blushes spring 2014

Truly it’s been the season of the blush this year and there are a slew of new blushes for Spring 2014 to choose from. Brand new shades aside there are also brand new blush products as well which is always exciting.

I happen to be a massive fan of eyeshadow palettes. I love collecting them, I love when my favorite brands release them, and I love using them. But outside of palettes I am most definitely a blush girl! It’s one of my favorite makeup items.

This year several brands have created new shades in your favorite formula and Clinique made a might be splash with their new Cheek Pop Blushes.

Here’s a round up of some of the newest blushes for the Spring 2014 season.

Urban Decay Native Naked Flush

1. Urban Decay Native Naked Flushed $30
From my understand the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette is getting two new shades for Summer 2014 but if you can’t wait the new and exclusive to Sephora Urban Decay Native Naked Flushed is available now. Unlike the original this new shade selection caters to the fairer skin tone with lighter shades of blush, bronze, and highlighter.

Tarte Cheek Stain Collector's Vault 1

2. Tarte Cheek Stain Collector’s Vault $150
Tarte caught some slack for downsizing their beloved Cheek Stains and upping the price. With a brand new whimsical packaging the new blushes are now 0.50 oz each versus the older and bigger size of 1.0 oz. But the less their Collector’s Vault that includes every single shade of their Cheek Stain is a hot commodity for Spring. You can’t really say you haven’t had a little tingle of want when you see this bad boy! But hey if you’re not the girl or guy that needs it all you can still purchase any of Tarte’s newly packaged Cheek Stains individually.

new shades tarte blush

3. New Shades of Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush $26
Speaking of Tarte….in all my blogging life outside of new MAC Collections I’ve never seen a product that gets so much attention the way Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush does. Launched about three years ago or so this product has become as popular as NARS Blushes if not more so. With a long lasting wear and great pigmentation is it any wonder? This Spring the brand has launched 3 brand new shades. And even better the brand hinted at a possible new customizable palettes coming for Summer 2014 so you can pop your fav blushes out of their compacts and hit the road.

New shades:

  • Tarte Flush Amazonian Blush (Pink Berry)
  • Tarte True Love Amazonian Blush (Watermelon)
  • Tarte Fearless Amazonian Blush (Pink Coral)

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

4. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush $35
Hourglass’s brand new Ambient Lighting Blush was a very exciting launch and there is no doubt the gorgeous, silky formula with its seamless finish is incredible but these just missed the mark for me. The promise of a luminous glowing finish just wasn’t to be had and these beautifully formulated blushes came in at a little bit expensive for what they did bring to the table.

Clinique Cheek Pop Blush

5. Clinique Cheek Pop Blush $21
Clinique kinda crept up on us with their Cheek Pop Blush. Sure they were cute but were they actually any good? Surpassing the popularity and attention Hourglass was getting for their new blushes, Clinique Cheek Pop Blush came out as a raging success looking cute as a button, adding beautiful pigmented color cheeks, and just the right glow! A total hit and a must have for blush lovers.

NARS Matte Multiple Collection

6. NARS Matte Multiple $39
Pretty darn expensive for a blush stick but the newest NARS Multiples lack the sparkle, shimmer, and glow of the originals bringing to you simple, matte, creamy color that can be used on cheeks and on lips.

NARS Final Cut Blush Spring 2014

7. NARS Final Cut Blushes $30
Available in four, limited edition shades the new Final Cut Blushes exclusively launched at Nordstrom much to the delight of NARS Blush fans. So far, I’ve had my meh moments with the colors offered in this new collection. They just didn’t seem spesh enough for me…lord knows I’m waiting for the day NARS releases something as incredible as Orgasm but I do know that the Final Cut Blushes weren’t it.

Make Up For Ever HD Blush

8. Make Up For Ever HD Blush $26
If you’re looking for super natural color with a seamless finish look no further as Make Up For Ever HD Blush gives that perfect touch of color but is so seamless it looks like you’re naturally blushing. Unfortunately they wear time is a little shorter on my drier skin but the creamy formula makes blushing cheeks easy and the beautiful finish is sure to please those who are looking for a subtle yet lively flush of color on cheeks!

With all these incredible new blushes for Spring 2014 to choose from I’m getting quite excited to see what will be trending for Summer 2014. More blushes perhaps?

I know I wouldn’t mind.

Which blushes have been your favorite that released this year?

Any that you just couldn’t get one color of?

Do share!

  • 3/12/14 15:18 Susan K:

    I’m just now dipping into the Tarte off the cuff palette I bought for my Sephora F&F holiday haul! Really like the shade crave. Want to try those Hour Glass blushes, in spite of the meh reviews. Their glowy powders got generally unfavorable reviews too but I liked those so who knows? And I want all the new Milani blushes. And maybe new Nars multiple in Laos. Okay, I’m done now.


    • 3/12/14 15:45 Isabella Muse:

      LOL nice wish list :) I think you should try them! I’ve urged everyone to check out the Hourglass blushes because I think they might very well be appealing to some folks ;-D if you do try let me know I’d be curious to see what you think!


      • 3/13/14 0:43 Mary:

        I am in love with TheBalm’s new “How ’bout them apples?” Every color is a winner–I’m not even tempted by other cream/gel blushes which is saying a lot.


  • 3/12/14 17:17 Christine:

    My oh my this is the year of the blush, isn’t it? The colors are all so beautiful but when I already have a natural flush in my cheeks I really can’t justify getting so many of them. But the Milani blushes are so adorable (and affordable). I still have the Balm Instain blushes and How You Like Them Apples to work through. Okay this is exactly why I went on a makeup no-buy for Lent. I really need to appreciate what I have before I run away with more pretty things.


  • 3/13/14 0:28 Cj:

    I feel kinda bad for not liking the hourglass blushes lol, I mean they arrant bad or anything but they arrant amazing either. I am loving the Clinique blushes tho


  • 3/13/14 2:46 Christina:

    In addition to wanting pretty much everything you listed here (yes..yes…I admit it, I am a blush hoarder), I have also been looking for the new Milani rose blushes and just found the new matte Milani blushes which I have been loving! I currently have an hourglass blush (mood exposure), a cheek pop (plum pop), and a Makeup Forever hD blush (in Fawn) in my Sephora cart right now, just waiting to pull the trigger.


  • 3/13/14 4:37 plue:

    this is truly the year of blush! lol!! i’m so happy that brands are actually paying attention to blushes 😀 they are my vice and always will be! i hardly go look at any collection if there is NO blush in it LOL

    out of the few I gotten myself the Hourglass and also Clinique’s and MUFE HD blush. Have yet to wear any of them because I have too many blushes to rotate around. Only 1 face… 1 face >.< ahahaha

    which are your favs out of the bunch big sis?


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