New Tropical Spring Bath & Body Works Candles

New Tropical Spring Bath & Body Works Candles

Hawaiian Hibiscus, Mango Dragonfruit, Island Waters, and more new Tropical Spring Bath & Body Works Candles have launched for Spring/Summer 2014 kids!

I know you’re as obsessed with the three wick Bath & Body Works Candles as I am so here’s some new tropical inspired fragrances that will be in stores shortly (and are available now online).

Hawaiian Hibiscus
Hibiscus combined with creamy coconut and jasmine notes.

Rainforest Sugarcane
Fresh lime, raw sugarcane and vanilla orchid.

Lanikai Coconut
Coconut milk, seawater and palm tree.

Mango Dragonfruit
Juicy island mango mixed with dragon fruit.

Island Waters
Water notes, green palm leaves and a hint of fresh cut bamboo.

I’m going to grab these up during the next 2 for $22 sale! I need a little Spring in my life all this cold makes me want to hibernate!

  • 3/5/14 11:29 Michelle:

    I’m not that big of a candle person, but I MUST HAVE THESE! They sounds divine! :)


  • 3/5/14 12:18 Diana:

    :O The Hawaiian Hibiscus, Rainforest Sugarcane, and Mango Dragonfruit sound fantastic. Along with those recently released lip products, I think I need to make my way to a bbw. @.@


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