Olay Total Effects Eye Brightening CC Cream Review & Swatches

Olay Total Effects Eye Brightening CC Cream1

I think Olay Total Effects Eye Brightening CC Cream actually used to be Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream but don’t quote me there as I never tried the original. It looks like they just added CC Cream into the name.

Although this has correcting benefits I think CC Cream is misleading in the name as it contains no color, doesn’t act as a concealer, etc…color correcting or CC Cream would relate to something with tint or something that has a color adapting shade. Olay Total Effects Eye Brightening CC Cream does not have such a tint. So it can be both misleading and confusing to consumers. Of course, more appealing as well, “Oh CC Cream for eyes, have to try that!” A more accurate product would be Covergirl + Olay Eye Rehab as at least this does act as a skincare and concealer in one.

However…let’s check Olay Total Effects Eye Brightening CC Cream and see what the scoop is!

Olay Total Effects Eye Brightening CC Cream

Olay Total Effects Eye Brightening CC Cream is a seven in one formula that promises quite a few benefits.

It’s formulated to:

  • Brighten the eye area.
  • Reduce fine lines.
  • Reduce dark circles.
  • Reduce puffiness.
  • Even skin tone.
  • Improve surface skin turnover.
  • Strengthens skin’s natural defenses against moisture loss.

It comes in a 0.4 oz jar and will set you back about $20 or less depending where you purchase it. It’s quite thick, quite creamy, and has a beige yellow tint. I honestly don’t see any mica and glancing over the ingredients I’m not really seeing it either but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

It does contain some great ingredients for use under eyes such as niacinamide and other antioxidants. But the drier finish reminds me of the Olay Regenerist Luminous Dark Circle Correcting Hydraswirl I recently reviewed. I find I struggle with it when trying to pat it under my eyes. It doesn’t pill but it doesn’t quite absorb either resulting in a bit of a messy. You really have to take some time to apply it and practice a good deal of patience as you tap, tap, tap, and tap some more to get it to absorb. This means it doesn’t wear well under my makeup so might be best suitable for night use. Which in turn disappoints me as it does slightly brighten up my eyes a bit and if I’m wearing it to bed, well, I’m not really seeing those benefits out and about.

Olay Total Effects Eye Brightening CC Cream3

Olay Total Effects Eye Brightening CC Cream swatches

Although it contains some great ingredients the consistency and hard to absorb formula just wasn’t to my liking. I’ve used it about two months now and aside from a short term brightening benefit on first application I don’t see very much difference under my eyes. Dark circles check, fine lines check, puffiness check….oh well can’t win them all!

With a little improvement on the formula to make it easier to absorb and more moisturizing this might make a nice daily eye treatment but as it is I wasn’t too big a fan.

It’s available now at drugstores.

Tried it?

Do share your impressions!

Olay Total Effects Eye Brightening CC Cream4


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  • 3/11/14 20:18 Diana:

    FYI mica is listed last on the 6th line of the ingredient list. I’m surprised this doesn’t help more with keeping the eye area moisturized because it has glycerin (humectant) as the 2nd ingredient and petrolatum (occlusive) as the 3rd. Lol another product that sounds better on paper than in practice. XD


    • 3/12/14 15:49 Isabella Muse:

      oh jeepers I must be tired thanks Diana as I looked and wasn’t there! isohexadecane may give it the drier finish that I’m experiencing when trying to get it to absorb fully!


  • 4/6/14 11:11 Cathy:

    Have you heard of anyone experiencing burning/itching around the eye from using this product? I used it for 3 days and had to stop. The skin around my eyes was inflamed and irratated. Not sure what ingredient I may be sensitive to. Any insight?


    • 4/7/14 15:33 Isabella Muse:

      haven’t had that issue myself but hopefully someone else can reply cathy!


    • 4/10/15 16:30 Cathy:

      Yes, I did notice burning around my eye area that I didn’t have before using this product.

      I am unsure of whether I am supposed to use this before foundation or after. Frankly, I don’t see much of a difference. Could you enlighten me on that please.


  • 6/16/14 16:39 angella:

    I was also quite disappointed with how this had NO coverage whatsoever and was VERY pale. Waste of money.


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