P.S. I Discovered This

I remember reading Shaun’s proposal to Christine and thinking how utterly perfect it was and so fitting of both their personalities. How else would he propose? A grander gesture could not enter my mind for them both.

So recently when I read about Erica Domesek’s from P.S. I Mad This grand Twitter quest to find a stranger she met on board an American Airlines flight in the hopes they could romantically reconnect I thought it was equally as geeky and sweet as Shaun’s proposal.

Needless to say Erica’s story made me smile and had me all “FIGHTING!” for her to get her man and she did! No details on how it actually panned out thoug but the man she met on board her flight and failed to get any of his contact deets seems to have led to a possible happily ever after and thee end.

What was really nice about Erica’s story is I got the chance to discover her site, P.S. I Made This and she has some really fun crafty beauty ideas (as well as other dodads to create). Of course, I burn boiling water so not sure if I should try to get to crafty or even use a glue gun as required for some of these creations but none the less these are kinda fun ideas!

Are you a crafty girl?

Try anything crafty to store your makeup or perhaps even decorate with it?

Do share!

  • 3/19/14 14:43 DeeDee:

    i like the idea but salt is abrasive and corrosive, so i dont know if i would use that for my babay makeup brushes.


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