It’s Here! Sephora Divergent Cosmetics Arrive!

Divergent Multi-Piece Collector’s Kit

Note: Ok, as soon as I posted this everything went back to “coming soon!” sorry about that…items were available and suddenly it is coming soon. Give the Sephora site a chance to update and hopefully all will be up and ready for purchase shortly!

The new Sephora Divergent Cosmetics Collection has launched and is available online at for VIB members.

You can snag it now by visiting


Happy Shopping!


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  • 3/3/14 9:59 Jamie:

    drats…its only for VIB Rouge so far…hopefully it’ll open up to VIB-ers soon!


  • 3/3/14 10:18 Marilyn:

    It’s not open for VIB rouge either!


  • 3/3/14 12:40 Sara D.:

    Ya, I got really excited but its not open at all. I’m a vib rouge! Dang it I wanted to buy it.


    • 3/3/14 12:43 Sara D.:

      Oh oops just saw your edit above! No worries!


  • 3/3/14 19:58 Meg:

    As of right now, the giant set is available for VIB Rouge members and the other 2 say “coming soon” trying to decide if I want it or not!! lol


  • 3/3/14 21:59 Lori P:

    After 7:30pm CST tonight, the collection is up at Sephora and I’m glad I ordered it. The collection looks AMAZING!!


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