Super Size Me with 2.53 oz It Cosmetics CC Cream

It Cosmetics 2.53 oz CC Cream

On March 10th It Cosmetics CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream goes super size with a new 2.53 oz tube!

Mind you this new jumbo size will be available exclusively in the It Cosmetics CC Your Way to Beautiful Skin which will be a QVC Today’s Special Value debuting on March 10th. The set not only includes this massively sized It Cosmetics CC Cream but also a brand new CC Lip Serum Hydrating Anti-Aging Color Correcting Creme Gloss as well as Tightline Waterproof Mascara Primer and a Heavenly Luxe Plus Paddle Foundation Brush for $58.98.

It Cosmetics CC Cream is regularly sized at 1.08 oz so this is nearly triple the size of a regular tube. Damn that’s a lot of CC Cream. And considering the formula is regular brilliant why not have a lot of it?

This has a an SPF 50 and offers full coverage with an anti-aging formula that brightens skin and provides flawless coverage.

You can grab this super size at on March 10th.

Have you tried It Cosmetics CC Cream?

What did you think of it?

  • 3/6/14 11:02 Catherine Cantieri:

    OMG, I love this CC cream!! (I mix it with Pur Minerals green primer to correct for my profound redness.) I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything via QVC, but I’m willing to give it a shot for this. Thanks for the heads-up!


    • 3/6/14 11:05 Isabella Muse:

      my pleasure :)


    • 4/21/14 3:51 Monique:

      Is there anyway to get the full size still or was it only available on QVC on march 10th. I need to get my hands on the full size!


  • 3/6/14 11:51 eb:

    So wanted to love this product but it oxidized on me. Nice package, though, from QVC.


  • 3/7/14 13:11 sara:

    Already ordered! This is my go to for the summer and fall…and perhaps spring….ahhh, love this stuff!


  • 3/7/14 16:00 Phyrra:

    I love the Super Size!


  • 3/7/14 20:23 Melissa:

    I got this set last weekend and have been using it for 5 days. I really love everything in the kit. I’ve been wanting to try the cc cream & mascara so this was a great set for me to get. The bottle of the cc cream is huge! Awesome products


  • 3/8/14 13:31 Cj:

    That paddle brush looks insane, you ever see/try it??


  • 4/2/15 13:12 Jewell:

    I missed the super size It CC offer.
    Can you e mail me where I can buy the super size in light?

    Also, please notify me when you become aware of the next special from QVC, for the super size It CC foundation.
    Thank you, Jewell


  • 5/27/15 15:58 jerie:

    missed the super size It CC offer.
    Can you please e-mail me where I can buy the super size in Tan? Can u Also, please alert me when the next special from QVC, for the this package is available.i would appreciate it.thank you


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