Cheap Thrills with the Tarte Positive Energy Skintuitive Lip & Cheek Set

Tarte Positive Energy Skintuitive Lip & Cheek Set

Here’s a cute little budget pick up from Tarte for $10! Tarte Positive Energy Skintuitive Lip & Cheek Set for gently flushed cheeks and lips this Spring season!

The Tarte Positive Energy Skintuitive Lip & Cheek Set is one of two new budget pick ups available at at the moment. You can also finally get your hands on the Tarte Bright by Night Skinscare Discovery Set as well for $10 (Review).

The limited edition Positive Energy Set includes a deluxe Lip Tint in Energy (0.06 oz) as well as deluxe Cheek Stain (0.17 oz) in the same shade. Energy is the perfect shade of customized pink for both cheeks and lips using the power of your own skin’s pH balance to give you a perfect shade of pink!

Both shades are limited edition and available now at

Happy Shopping!


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  • 3/17/14 19:46 krutika:

    Just received mine today, and this set is so cute! Love it when they do reasonably priced minis!

    Did you hear Tarte got bought by the Japanese company called Kose?

    Kinda bummed.. don’t want their products to change :(

    I wonder when their summer collection is coming out though lol? Any info?


    • 3/18/14 10:13 Isabella Muse:

      yeah I had heard! Kose is a great company, makes fabulous makeup and skincare! :) but not sure what this means for Animal testing but it’s apparently under the same management so perhaps we’ll be ok! no idea…they haven’t share with me yet!


  • 3/17/14 23:58 Krutika:

    This is the perfect duo! Just got mine today :))

    Can’t believe Tarte got bought up today:(( kinda sad…

    Any news on their summer collection?


    • 3/18/14 9:04 Isabella Muse:

      no news yet :( yeah Kose brought them out!


  • 3/18/14 7:19 kaitlyn:

    Oooh! I love the lip stain! I may have to pick this up!


  • 3/18/14 7:22 Cat >^..^< .:

    I love the Skintuitive Lip Tint! I’ve found that the tint color varies on me from one day to the next, so it’s always a bit of a surprise. =) I think my husband would flip, though, if I were to purchase another lip product. :-/


  • 3/18/14 9:40 breyerchic04:

    I have the lip tint (about to run out) from a holiday set that included a blush and an oil. So I probably will grab this, the cheek tint looks like it could be a fun one.


  • 3/18/14 10:08 kimkats:

    Ah, so it turns the same unwearable shade of fuschia on everyone? That seems to be what “the perfect shade of customized pink” means for all the other products like this! I wish they’d have come out with a whole line of little sets like this with the other shades of the cheek tint and a lip tint – I’d probably have been all over those!


    • 3/18/14 10:12 Isabella Muse:

      LOL yeah…that’s kinda how it turns out eh?


  • 3/18/14 10:40 Cj:

    I think I have the lippie somewhere… But I want the cheek stain 😀


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