Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzer Wardrobe Review & Swatches

Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzer Wardrobe1

Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Sumner Bronzer Wardrobe ($44) is a new Bronzer Collection that combines some of Too Faced’s best selling and cult favorite bronzers into one cool easy to travel with palette.

No need to choose between Too Faced Chocolate Soleil, Sun Bunny or Snow Bunny as you get all three of them in the Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Bronzer Collection!

Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzer Wardrobe

Released with the Too Faced Summer 2014 Collection the new Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzer Wardrobe is a limited edition compact that features three bronzers, a teddy bear hair Flatbuki, and a how to get the look guide to create a variety of golden glow looks for Summer.

Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Palette

Each Chocolate Soleil and Sunbunny weight in at 0.14 (total 0.28 oz) with Snow Bunny sized at 0.11 oz. Full sizes of each bronzer are 0.28 oz to 0.35 oz at $30 each.

I’m so happy that Too Faced switched packaging on their eyeshadow and face palettes as these are no longer cardboard but tins. The Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzer Wardrobe reminds me of a pencil case and I had wished that the inner palette popped out so I could use it to store bits and bobs after I’ve used up all the bronzer. Unfortunately it doesn’t…but regardless the new sturdy tin design is refreshingly welcome.

This comes with a generously sized mirror as well as a mini Flatbuki for application. The Flatbuki is one of my favorite Too Faced Brushes as it’s great for buffing bronzer gently onto cheeks without over doing things. And of course, the fact that it has super soft bristles makes it equally amazing.

Too Faced Bonjour Soleil

Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzer Wardrobe10

Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzer Wardrobe12

Too Faced Flatbuki

Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzer Wardrobe13

The palette contains the original Too Chocolate Soleil Bronzer which is a medium, deep chocolate matte. It even smells like chocolate! This is a little too deep for me but it does create a very natural looking tan on skin with a soft yet slightly dense formula which blends onto skin flawlessly.

Too Faced Bonjour Soleil palette swatches

The palette also includes a Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer which is a split bronzer that has a satin softer tan bronzer and a richer golden brown bronzer. This is the finish I like most in bronze as it combines the benefits of both a satiny semi-matte finish along with some elements of a radiant finish that creates a contrast of glow and color on cheeks and face.

Too Faced Bonjour Soleil swatches

Too Faced Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer is more my speed as this combines bronzer with shimmering highlighters to create more of a soft focused glow. Shades include a golden bronze along with a delicate pink and white highlighter and a soft golden fawn. This is a nice way to go if you’re a bit scared of bronzers as it adds a touch of color but also a luminosity on cheeks and face.

Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzer Wardrobe swatches

I’m not really a huge bronzer user to be honest but this is an excellent pick up if you use bronzers often. Below I applied a bit of Sun Bunny on my cheeks with a dusting ot Soleil on the sides of my face and forehead and just a touch of Snow Bunny on my cheek bones. I’m no expert at application mind you so hopefully you can get a little bit of a feel for the pretty glow you can get from some of these shades.

Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzer Wardrobe fotd

The Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzer Wardrobe is available at and will launch shortly at other locations such as Sephora, Ulta, etc…

Will you be picking it up?


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  • 3/26/14 12:11 Eli:

    Looks really nice on the face! The only concern I have is that I’m terribly pale… So I think There will be no use for the matte bronzer for me.


    • 3/26/14 14:15 Amber:

      It can definitely work on fair skin! I’m super fair as well, and I got this in an old Christmas palette. I found that as long as you use a very light hand and blend well it looks really nice! The bronzer has little to no orange tones in it so it works well for fair skin.


    • 3/26/14 20:02 Robin:

      Their Snow Bunny is my favorite Bronzer I’m computer paper white and it’s great for fair skin!


      • 3/27/14 11:12 Eli:

        Thanks, gals! I’ll surely check it out when it hits the counters here, hopefully I won’t be too scared to buy it and try it myself :)


    • 4/19/14 18:45 LadyLiterary:

      I find that if you are light handed with it that it does work beautifully! And it makes a great contour shade for fair skin, because it both warms up the skin and adds depth and dimension. Also you may want to try Milk Chocolate Soleil, I am super fair and this is my go to bronzer in the winter.


  • 3/26/14 12:36 Roo:

    Looks great on you! I have this on the way along with their new A la mode palette. So excited! I haven’t tried their bronzers, but I love their shadows. Couldn’t pass these up! I just got a notification that they’ll be here tomorrow and am breathing a sigh of relief that they’ll arrive before we leave for Spring Vacation in 2 days ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ Whoo hoo!


    • 3/26/14 12:49 Isabella Muse:

      YAY! ;-D thanks Roo! Where ya going?!


  • 3/26/14 14:17 PharmNCharm:

    I just ordered this this morning! I have a coupon code for 20% off entire purchase through 04/05. The code is INDULGE if anyone is interested!


    • 3/26/14 14:19 Isabella Muse:



  • 3/26/14 20:11 Amy Ann:

    Thanks again for a wonderful review! Your lipstick looks amazing, what is it? Usually what color works on you I can trust will work for me too.


  • 3/27/14 6:52 Madeleine:

    Looks so great on you! Do you think all the colours are usable or would you recommend getting singles?


  • 3/27/14 17:45 Painted Lady:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve always wanted all three of those bronzers and this is so perfect for this bronzer loving woman! This is definitely going in my shopping cart the moment it gets to Sephora. OMG I am so excited!


  • 3/27/14 21:51 Kary:

    OH MY GOODNESS! I absolutely love Too Faced and am debating on whether to get this or not. Iยดm not sure because I have Sun Bunny and Solei in a Few of My Favorite Things palette and two deluxe sizes of Solei…what do you think? Is it worth the splurge Snow Bunny worth it?



  • 3/29/14 23:16 Ellie:

    I just bought this today…I know you mentioned in the post that you liked the new packaging. Did you notice the magnetic closure not being very strong though? I’m not very pleased with it.


    • 3/31/14 15:28 Isabella Muse:

      mmm no…I actually carried it around with me Ellie as I wrote the review at my office so toted it to my office, went home with it, and all was nice and tight! maybe it was a fluke!?


  • 4/9/14 6:20 Courtney:

    I’ve never commented on your blog before, I’ve always lurked(I hate that term, I feel like a stalker). I bought this palette right after it came out a few weeks ago and love it!! I wanted to comment, because I love your idea to turn it into a bits and bobs contain when you use up the product! I didn’t think of that, I was just going to to display it on my vanity. The packaging is so freaking cute! I am sure you could find a way to pry the inside out when it’s empty. Thanks for the idea!!!


    • 4/9/14 9:06 Isabella Muse:

      yay happy to hear you like it courtney! You def can wriggle out the pan somehow and turn it into a little jewelry box or even a place to store eyeliner pencils or other smaller makeup ๐Ÿ˜€


  • 4/18/14 1:03 Linda:

    You know how there’s certain products you just walk right past because you don’t use them and don’t have any interest in them? For me it’s bronzers and eyebrow products. Never even swatch them. But seeing how this warmed up your face REALLY made me want to try it. I think this picture of you all bronzed-out is super flattering.


    • 4/18/14 9:05 Isabella Muse:

      aw Linda thank YOU! very flattered :) I’m the same way I totally skip brow powders and bronzers, they aren’t something I use or something that even interests me. This creeps in though and is a super flattering way to add a little warmth to your face ๐Ÿ˜€


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