100 Shades Of Buxom Full-On Lip Polish

100 Shades Of Buxom Full-On Lip Polish

100! One, zero, zero…100 Shades of Buxom Full On Lip Polish to choose from what do you think of that? I ask myself, when is it just too much?

Bare Minerals might have gone overboard when they decided to introduce 100 shades of Buxom Full-on Lip Polish! I mean why have 12 shades, why even have 20? Or why even 30 for that matter?

Here, have a 100!

Buxom Full On Lip Polish is introduced in 100 permanent shades this Spring with a massive relaunch of this beloved lipgloss in a variety of new and old favorite shades.

I think this could potentially overwhelmed me. I’m the type of person that likes grabbing up numerous shades of the same exact product. It’s almost as if my makeup OCD side demands I own all the shades in a product I love. Present me with 100 of those shades I get a little nervous, I start biting my nails, and develop a case of the jitters.

Say I imagined myself buying all of these, that would set me back $1900 plus tax. Shifty eyes…..not that I’d even consider the idea, no way, maybe, I mean kinda I would, not really, Ok, I probably would consider it, or not…

I gotta admit it’s a little overdone. These are sheerer glosses so how many sheer glosses does one person need. What? I’m trying to talk myself out of trouble here and off a ledge. I keep hearing Harley Quinn’s whiny little voice in my head from her Arrow cameo, “Do you sweeties need some counseling? I’m a trained therapist!” Yeah Harley, after this I might just take you up on the offer.

So when is too much?

Do you like the variety of a 100 shades of Buxom Lipgloss?

Or is it just TOO much for you?

Do share!

Available now at Sephora and Sephora.com.


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  • 4/22/14 16:52 Megan:

    I agree that 100 seems a bit overboard! Can a smaller Sephora, or even regular sized one even stock 100 lipglosses? But I love that they all have female names- it’s like personalized keychains, but so much better.


    • 4/22/14 17:44 Isabella Muse:

      megan ha that’s a great way of putting it 😀 indeed just like keychains I didn’t even check to see if they had my name!


  • 4/22/14 17:13 Ruth:

    Well, if you MUST own all 100 shades, try and wait for the fall Sephora sale. It’ll save you about $380. with that amount saved, it would be totally justifiable 😉


    • 4/22/14 17:43 Isabella Muse:

      lol ruth thanks I knew I could count on you!


  • 4/22/14 17:30 auroragyps:

    Since they’re all sheer, I think it’s overkill. If half of them were more opaque (almost totally opaque but could be sheered out would be ideal) I’d be on board, but they’d also have to throw in some unusual colors and not just have a bunch of shades that are just a smidge different from each other. With 100 glosses, make it a truly versatile gloss wardrobe to choose from.


  • 4/22/14 17:43 diane:

    i’m sad there is no diane lip gloss! i would have been a sucker and snatched it in a heartbeat LOL


  • 4/22/14 18:06 Ling:

    Definately overkill! Besides, if I wanted 100 lip glosses (which I don’t like much anyways), I would rather buy a variety of different formulas (sheer, pigmented)or cheaper ones (like the butter glosses).


  • 4/22/14 18:12 TrishB:

    Sephora sent me a free Patricia Buxom last week for being VIB Rouge! Did not expect that at all. I’ve bought Trixie Buxom for years due to silly family nicknames and online nyms. Patricia looks like a very bright fucshia with slightly iridescent sparkle, but sheers out. Trixie is pink with soft gold shimmer.


    • 4/23/14 9:33 Roxana:

      have to admit I’m jealous! I’m VIB Rouge and didn’t get anything. bummer.


  • 4/22/14 18:32 Sydni:

    Way too many. I think more than 4 but less than 30 colors is good for most lip colors’ permanent collections. Let other colors be limited edition or seasonal. If they included every color of the rainbow (blue, green, yellow, black, etc.), then I’m ok with 100 colors. But if it is all pink/red/purple/brown, I think it’s overkill.


  • 4/22/14 21:23 krastins:

    First off, lemme just say that you are one of the few beauty bloggers that doesn’t act like a complete jerk to her readers, and I appreciate that SO much.
    secondly, I freakin LOVE this lip glosses for the nice minty feeling it gives me, so 100 seems a litttttle too overboard, but I don’t mind the variety!


    • 4/22/14 21:58 Isabella Muse:

      oh gosh krastins I surely hope no one treated you horribly :( that would be sad! the reason I blog is because I want to connect with people that enjoy makeup as much as me so I’d never treat anyone intentionally badly! but I am glad you think I’m nice :) hugs! I like them too! but yeah I agree 100 is a scary number haha 😀


  • 4/23/14 20:07 Phyrra:

    Multiple sheers that all look the same to me – kinda blah. I like a gold iridescence, silver iridescence, clear… sheers that give me some sort of effect.


  • 4/24/14 11:26 Rachel:

    It’s a huge amount for sure! I’m excited because they have one named after me… that’s the only one I’ll be dying to get my hands on! 😀


    • 4/24/14 11:34 Isabella Muse:

      I think we all have that moment where we squeal because a gloss is named after us hehe!


  • 4/27/14 10:14 Shannon:

    OMG!!! They actually have my name!! Shannon is a Moonlight Lavender. Must. Buy. Now.


    • 4/28/14 9:18 Isabella Muse:

      haha awesome!


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