Bath & Body Works World Tour Getaway V.I.P. Tote

Bath & Body Works World Tour Getaway VIP Tote

Time for the Bath & Body Works VIP Tote! This year the Bath & Body Works World Tour Getaway V.I.P. Tote takes us to exotic destinations inspired by Morocco, France and Hawaii!

The tote is only $20 with your $40 purchase and includes $113.50 worth of Bath & Body Works goodies in an exclusive, floral-lined canvas tote.

Take a peek!

The Bath & Body Works World Tour Getaway V.I.P. Tote includes:

  • Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber Lotion (8 oz)
  • Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber Shower Gel (10 oz)
  • Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber Fine Fragrance Mist (8 oz)
  • French Lavender Mini Candle
  • Lavender Blossom Foaming Hand Soap (8.75 oz)
  • Hawaii Wild Passion Flower Nourishing Hand Cream (2 oz)
  • Forever Midnight Eau de Parfum (0.25 oz)
  • Pink Mesh Shower Sponge
  • Getaway Tote (measures 16.5″L x 4″W x 14″H)

The tote is available in store as well as online using at using promo code SPRINGVIP.

Candles are unfortunately not on sale this week but I was going to retry the new French Lavender & Honey Fragrance and I needed some of the Spring hand soaps so now is a good excuse to indulge in order to get the bag. I actually really like the bags as they are an excellent value just wish candles were on sale as some of the newer Summer floral candles look lovely!

What do you think of the VIP bags?

Do you typically like the VIP bags or do you skip them?

P.S. Caught up with last week’s Supernatural episode and the Trickster was on! Oh how I love me some Richard Speight Jr! His Casa Erotica promos are always hysterically bad right down to the cheesy 70’s pr0n music!

  • 4/23/14 13:13 JoElla:

    I really like the Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber scent, and maybe local stores still have the mini perfume on sale for 5.00.

    I was able to score a free full sized lavender candle and really enjoy it. It is a nice candle to burn in the evening hours.

    Sadly my sweet Muse, I found out that BBW is no longer printing out the survey coupons. But they will honor the ones you have left. (BOOOOOOOO BBW BOOOOOOOOOO!)

    Supernatural, middle cherub has discovered this series on netfix and is totally hooked! I need to start watching with him.


    • 4/23/14 16:36 Isabella Muse:

      really?! i didn’t hear that sadness! and I have a ton too! OH DO it’s one of my fav shows 😀


  • 4/23/14 18:47 JoElla:

    Make sure to keep the surveys! They will still take them.

    Maybe after all of this time, I can see the Dad in his character, and not poor soon to die Denny from Grey’s Anatamy! LOL


    • 4/24/14 9:15 Isabella Muse:

      oh he’s fab in supernatural, quite sad though as they never really mention him much in the series anymore, he kinda gets an early death like he did in Grey’s! will do! I have five of them I never used 😀


  • 4/24/14 13:56 yadira:

    so i added up the prices of the products its like 68.50 maybe 75 if you include the bag, where are they getting over 100 value from? do you think this is worth it?


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