Clinique All About Shadow 8 Pan Palette Review & Swatches

Clinique All About Shadow 8 Pan Eyeshadow Palette

Clinique All About Shadow 8 Pan Eyeshadow Palette in Neutral Territory 2 is a new, limited edition palette featuring eight shades of eyeshadow in nude, natural shades.

Clinique did a stupendous job with this palette but it does combine some traditional nude shades of shadow but they have a nice twist of deeper, warmer shades like Black Honey Eyeshadow (hello awesome color!).

Let’s take a look!

The Clinique All About Shadow 8 Pan Palette comes in a slim line silver mirrored compact which is the home of eight eyeshadows, a generously sided mirror, and a double ended applicator for application.

Clinique All About Shadow 8 Pan Palette3

Clinique All About Shadow 8 Pan Palette

Clinique All About Shadow 8 Pan Palette8

Clinique All About Shadow 8 Pan Palette11

Shades include:

  • Sugar Cane
  • Light Shade of Diamonds
  • Light Shade of Neutral Territory Duo
  • Light Shade of Day Into Date Duo
  • Brown Shade of Polar Blue Quad
  • Hazy
  • Black Honey
  • Dark Brown Shade of Morning Java Quad

Clinique All About Shadow 8 Pan Palette swatches

Light Shade of Polar Brown Quad, Sugar Cane, Light Shade of Diamonds and Pearls Duo, Light Shade of Neutral Territory Duo

Clinique All About Shadow 8 Pan Eyeshadow Palette swatches

Brown Shade of Polar Blue Quad, Hazy, Black Honey, Dark Brown Shade of Morning Java Quad

Clinique All About Shadow Neutral Territory 2

Clinique Neutral Territory 2 All About Shadow 8 Pan Palette

I think the really nice part about this palette is the fact you can really light and office friendly with it or you can go evening out sultry with it. About 80% of the palette is made up of softer beiges, taupes, and roses but towards the end of the spectrum of shades you’ll find Black Honey Eyeshadow and Dark Brown Shade of Morning Java Quad (no idea why this has such a crazy long name) which spice things up and create more drama on lids.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to create Black Honey Eyeshadow should win the Nobel Peace Prize. Black Honey is fabulous as a gloss and a lipstick but even greater as an eyeshadow. This cherry brown is perfect on my big brown eyes and creates a very pretty mysterious look! I used it and Dark Brown Shade of Morning Java Quad for my look below just so you can see this isn’t all about nude looks!

The shades are quite buttery and smooth although fair warning some of the lighter colors are a little frosty such as Sugar Cane. I didn’t think these were as velvety as the shades in the Clinique All About Shadow Eyeshadow Quads nor as pigmented. They do have a beautiful texture but I think the quads have a superior formula. They are soft, blend easily, and wear quite strong on my drier eyes without fading or creasing. The finish varies here with satin, mattes, and frosts.

Clinique All About Shadow 8 Pan Palette fotd

Clinique All About Shadow 8 Pan Eyeshadow Palette fotd

I think the Clinique All About Shadow 8 Pan Palette is one of those easy, essential eyeshadow palettes that’s quite versatile for easy work friendly looks or dramatic evening ones. Plus it doesn’t overwhelm with too much variety of shades! It’s just enough to create daily looks with an easy and friendly array of shades.

Likey this one!

It’s available now on counters or online at or


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  • 4/22/14 12:09 Colleen:

    That’s absolutely lovely on you!


    • 4/22/14 12:18 Isabella Muse:

      thank YOU!


  • 4/22/14 12:20 Holly:

    Was there a neutral territory 1 palette since this is palette 2? I don’t remember there being another palette.


    • 4/22/14 12:26 Isabella Muse:

      I have no idea because I never heard of 1 either Holly! I’ve googled and even looked on ebay but see nothing about another palette! I think they just named it 2 for whatever reason lol!


      • 4/22/14 18:26 Ashley:

        There is a Clinique duo named neutral territory. That is number 1, making this NT 2.


        • 4/22/14 18:27 Isabella Muse:

          aha mystery solved!


  • 4/22/14 12:33 Christina:

    Very pretty on you! Black Honey looks a lot redder in the pan than how it actually swatches and looks on the eye.

    Those shade names are just too funny! I guess it’s better than renaming the colors something else when they’re shades that already exist in their other palettes. I haven’t tried any of clinique’s eyeshadows, so I’m just guessing here. But they’re just too funny.


    • 4/22/14 12:58 Isabella Muse:

      YES! swatches do not do it justice! it’s really stunning 😀 LOL yeah, they are so damn long wth?! haha! I imagine that’s what they were going for but man it was a little confusing 😀


  • 4/22/14 13:47 Christine Joy Luikuo:

    Wooooow! I’m not a fan of nudes but this catches my eye. =) If only there’s a cheaper dupe for this.


  • 4/22/14 14:13 Kimmwc03:

    I have the Black Honey single and it is very pretty. I think I’ll pass on this though.


    • 4/22/14 15:12 Isabella Muse:

      I don’t but soon after trying this popped it into my cart 😀


  • 4/22/14 15:33 Ashley:

    Very nice and very affordable, I like this a lot.


  • 4/22/14 16:34 Ashley:

    Thanks for this review! I’m total Clinique snob and was thinking about buying this!


  • 4/22/14 17:12 Natasha:

    I have this one, why don’t I ever use it??


  • 4/22/14 21:09 Julie:

    I have had this palette since December and I love it!


  • 4/23/14 7:51 Lacy:

    Wow this palette looks beautiful and WOW black honey is smashing on you! I love the look. To me that’s the perfect smokey eye. Subtle, mysterious but intriguing and not overdone. I think I might have to go get it! :)


    • 4/23/14 9:04 Isabella Muse:

      aw thanks lacy! How are you btw? How was your Easter? :) They now have a single of black honey must get that!


  • 4/16/15 22:27 Deborah:

    This looks so wearable. Would love to see a review of the wear everywhere greys palette. I like the idea of warm greys for us warmer complexions.


  • 5/6/15 18:57 Katie:

    What blush are you wearing in this picture? It’s so pretty!


    • 5/18/15 11:05 Isabella Muse:

      I WISH I could remember Katie :) I think nars orgasm!?


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