Coastal Scents Citiscape Travel Brush Set Review

Coastal Scents Citiscape Travel Brush Set13

I’m headed on a Spring vacation in less than two weeks and this Coastal Scents Citiscape Travel Brush Set is totally coming with me. This convenient set includes seven essential mini brushes with a cute case that won’t take up a ton of room in my luggage but still gives me plenty of brush options!

Loves it!

Coastal Scents Citiscape Travel Brush Set11

The Coastal Scents Citiscape Travel Brush Set contains a mix of synthetic and animal hair brushes with bright red sturdy handles. You get seven total mini travel brushes as well as a black leather zip case which also has a small mesh pocket for storing smaller powders or lipstick/gloss.

This is kinda the perfect travel set as although mini the handles are very sturdy with brushes that have soft yet dense bristles that do not shed or split after a few washings. It also happens to contain all brushes I’ll actually use daily which makes it an even better choice for travel. Too many travel brush sets are lovely but sometimes they contain brushes I’ll never use! This set includes just about everything I’d use daily but in a smaller size that’s ideal for travel!

Coastal Scents Citiscape Travel Brush Set2

You get:

  • Bent Liner (Synthetic)
  • Angled Liner (Synthetic)
  • Concealer (Synthetic)
  • Detail Round (Natural Pony)
  • Eye Shadow (Natural Pony)
  • Blender (Natural Goat)
  • Angled Blush (Natural Goat)

Coastal Scents Citiscape Travel Brush Set

I absolutely LOVE the Bent Liner Brush. This is a perfect size to keep my hand steady during liner application plus the smaller size fits my hand perfectly giving me a precise, steady hand for applying my gel eyeliner!

Coastal Scents does continue to surprise me with the quality of their brushes! These are nearly as good as what you can get from some of the Sephora Brush Sets at a very small price tag! This set is $14.95 and with the many, many sales Coastal Scents has you can even get a better deal.

Loves this.

If you need a brush set for travel I’d recommend the Coastal Scents Citiscape Travel Brush Set!

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  • 4/28/14 11:57 Somayea:

    I would probably would use everything but the concealer brush- it just looks flimsy..maybe even the blush brush (kinda looks scratchy). But everything else is on point! love it 😀


  • 4/28/14 12:37 Laurinha:

    Hi Muse! You said they’re soft/dense, but wondering if the natural fiber ones are scratchy?


    • 4/28/14 12:40 Isabella Muse:

      no, I typically dislike synthetic brushes for that reason but they are quite soft but not floppy and they aren’t scratchy on my face.


  • 4/28/14 15:44 Hima:

    I got this set when they had a deal for this brush set, the revealed palette, eyeliner, and pink kabuki brush for $25. I haven’t had a chance to try the set since I haven’t traveled but I’m very excited to. 😀


    • 4/28/14 16:00 Isabella Muse:

      yay! Let me know what you think when you tried Hima!


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