Fortune Cookie Soap Butterbeer Body Butter Review & Swatches

Fortune Cookie Soap Butterbeer Body Butter

Fortune Cookie Soap Butterbeer Body Butter got a repromote for Easter from the brand as this was originally released with the Wizard Collection as a limited edition product. I imagine fans of the Butterbeer Body Butter were happy to see it returned.

I actually didn’t try it the first time around so I was happy they decided to repromote it for Easter! You can snag it now too but again, it’s only available for a limited time.


Take a look!

Fortune Cookie Soap is an indie e-tailer that has Lush-like products including hand made soaps, bath bombs, body butters, tarts, and many other fun goodies. They do fun themed and seasonal collections quite often that have included Harry Potter, Nightmare Before Christmas, the past! They launched their Easter Collection a few weeks ago and they brought back some old favorites one of which was the Butterbeer Body Butter from the “the Wizard World” aka Harry Potter Collection.

In the Harry Potter books Butterbear is described as a butterscotch-like tasting beverage. They also have a recreation of it available at Universal Studios Parks which kinda has a milky cream soda/butterscotch flavor with a foamy, slush-y top. It’s rather novel but not very pleasant tasting to my palate! It’s a bit too sweet! But funny I love the smell of it just not necessarily the taste.

Fortune Cookie Soap Butter Beer Body Butter

Fortune Cookie Soap Butterbeer Body Butter swatches

Fortune Cookie Soap Butterbeer Body Butter has a boozy rum element combined with creamy, buttery toffee. It isn’t quite Butterbeer as I’ve smelled it at Universal nor is it what I imagine it would smell like in the Wizarding world. It has an odd underlying note I don’t really love! However, for the most part it is a very sweet yet smooth buttery toffee scent.

The actually body butter is a thick, creamy, yet SUPER quick absorbing formula! Fortune Cookie Soap knows how to do good body butter. I love this stuff. It isn’t sticky and it sinks in beautifully.

If you’re a fond fan of Harry Potter I’m sure this little body butter will tickle you! It does smell very nice but not quite what I envisioned for Butterbeer!

Anyone try it?

Do share!

Available now, for a limited time, at


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 4/18/14 15:20 phyrra:

    This sounds awesome! I love butterbeer but it’s definitely sweet


    • 4/28/14 16:02 Isabella Muse:

      toothachingly so :)


  • 4/19/14 21:43 Keri:

    Omgerd! HP nerd here, must have!!


    • 4/21/14 16:43 Isabella Muse:

      :) I love HP too!


  • 4/22/14 10:38 Savanna:

    I went immediately to the website to purchase this as I love HP, and it’s sold out, as is the Golden Snitch one. Boo. :(


    • 4/22/14 11:06 Isabella Muse:

      I’m sorry :( it was in stock just a few days ago! :(


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