Fortune Cookie Soap Vivid Mist Me Body Mist Review

Fortune Cookie Soap Vivid Mist Me Body Mist

Fortune Cookie Soap Vivid Mist Me Body Mist smells just like fruit punch! Yum! This sweet fruity fragrance mist smells like an icy cold glass of fruit punch. It kinda reminds me of kindergarten! I know when I was a kid we used to have fruit punch and cookies for snack time and this so reminds me of that.

Unfortunately, Fortune Cookie Mist Me Body Mist doesn’t have a crazy strong wear on me! I feel like within an hour the fragrance dies away and I have to reapply it. Boo :(

The nice part about the formula is it is SO moisturizing and refreshing on my drier skin. I swear I’d be comfortable using this as a facial mist (not that I’d try!). They say it’s natural and chemical free and also is humectant so it helps to retain moisture. That’s utterly true because I seriously go to town when applying this…on my legs, arms, etc…and I always feel so incredible hydrated after!

I just wish the fragrance would stick around a while longer sad sigh!

Oh well!

Fortune Cookie Vivid Mist Body Mist is one for the ladies and lads who like their fragrance sweet. Mind you it won’t give you a cavity but it’s sweet enough to make you smell pleasantly youthful!

A most perfect Spring and Summer fragrance I think! And love it for the moisturizing benefits alone.

They really need to do a facial mist in this style formula because it is divine.

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