Fortune Cookie Soap What’s This? Mist Me Review

Fortune Cookie Soap What's This Mist Me

I missed it for Christmas but I grabbed up Fortune Cookie Soap What’s This? Mist Me with my recent Easter order. Inspired by the Nightmare Before Christmas this fragrance mist a fun, fruity body mist that’s perfect for Spring!

Fortune Cookie Soap calls this one a caramelized pear drenched in sweet vanilla scent. For me it’s a very and sweet pear scent. There’s some vanilla hear but it kinda reminds me of a pear slice dipped in a caramel! It’s very fruity, very sweet, but has that very small note of caramel in the background that gives it a wicked little twist.

Unfortunately as much as I love the Fortune Cookie Soap Mist Me formula it never wears long on me. It’s a very weak fragrance mist so I can only get a few minutes wear before my skin swallows it up. The nice part about it would be the fact it’s so hydrating. Weird for a fragrance mist I know but it feels quite moisturizing! I kinda wish I could use it as a facial mist ha…!

I keep buying Mist Me Body Mists because I’m such a glutton for punishment! I wish they included a bit more fragrance oil in these!

But for a light spritz of fragrance and a hydrating formula they are quite nice for Spring and Summer as they are refreshing and aren’t too cloying.

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  • 4/21/14 12:15 Shelby:

    I love this scent!


    • 4/21/14 12:42 Isabella Muse:

      me too! I wish it lasted longer on me damn!


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