Jill Stuart Summer 2014 Makeup Collection

Jill Stuart Summer 2014 Makeup Collection

Oh lovely day! The Jill Stuart Summer 2014 Makeup Collection has launched Japan! It’s a stunning aquatic themed collection with soft shades of aqua, yellow, and peach for eyes with a delicate sweep of pink and peach for cheeks.

I likely won’t indulge as some of these shades are a little too pastel for me but I did so enjoy looking at all these beautiful pieces!

Take a look!

Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes N (LE shades)

  • Sapphire Breeze
  • Coral Flower

Jill Stuart Eyeshadow Palettes Summer 2014

Jill Stuart Coral Flower Jewel Crystal Eyes N

Jill Stuart  Sapphire Breeze Jewel Crystal Eyes N

Jill Stuart Diamond Dew Eyelid Liner (LE shades)

  • Ocean Jewel (ocean crystal with translucent sparkle)
  • Flower Jewel (flower pink with sweet sparkle)

Jill Stuart Diamond Dew

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact N (LE shades)

  • Shelly Gem (Pink and Coral)
  • Marina Bloom (Bright Pink and Orange)

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact Summer 2014

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Summer

Jill Stuart Lip Blossom (LE shades)

  • Flamingo Plant (flamingo pink)
  • Mandevilla Dress (light pink)
  • Native Rosella (twinkling pink)

Jill Stuart Summer 2014 Lip Blossom

Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss N (LE shades)

  • Little Fairy (gentle shell pink)
  • Flowery Kiss (bright pink)

Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss N

Jill Stuart Compact Mirror II (Crystal Pink)

Jill Stuart Compact Mirror

Jill Stuart Compact Mirror II

Gooddealer.com has the entire collection in stock or you can take a look at my Where To Buy Korea and Japanese Makeup & Skincare Guide for other recommended and suggested shops.

I was thinking about grabbing some of these items but I know I probably won’t use them. I used to be such a lover of aquatic shades of eyeshadow! I mean really passionate about the shade but lately I feel like I can’t wear the color due to finer lines. Boo!

Plus I’m actually craving a few other things from Korea for Summer 2014 so best save up my money!

What do you think of the Jill Stuart Summer 2013 Makeup Collection?

Any must haves?

Do share!

  • 4/23/14 12:05 Ashley:

    i love the packaging! and the advertising, I feel like I’m 7 again playing the game Pretty Pretty princess!


  • 4/24/14 0:52 Tracy:

    What are you craving Muse from asian brands 2014 ??


    • 4/24/14 9:06 Isabella Muse:

      too much? haha! Lunasol Anniversary Palettes, JS Relax Fragrance Mist, Lavshuca Lady Focus Rouge, and I am slightly tempted by some of the polishes from MJ’s Summer Collection. you?


  • 4/24/14 9:17 Dannie:

    I am in love!! It’s so pretty! I want it all! Now I only have to figure out a way to convince my family to get me the collection… The next holiday coming up is Mother’s Day… LoL.


    • 4/24/14 9:21 Isabella Muse:

      give ’em a little nudge nudge wink wink 😀


  • 4/24/14 9:19 telle:

    i *really* wants…..the packaging…*WOW*! Also, the lunsaol anniversary palettes are elegantly breathtaking too! <3


    • 4/24/14 9:21 Isabella Muse:

      I love the color combos of the anniversary palettes that soft peach and pink! yum!


  • 4/24/14 10:48 Cindy Ramirez:

    Oh what delicate and princess-y packaging, it’s so purdy.


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