Kawaii Alert: Cupcake Bandages

Cupcake Bandages

Did I mention I love me some kawaii makeup, beauty, and doodads of any kind?

I’m a girl at heart so I love cute little bits and bobs which is why these cupcake bandages caught my eye recently and I had to take them home with me.

Mind you they are kinda useless!

This is absurdly cute! Each package contains three different color variations of cuppycakes with a total of 12 bandages per a tin.

Cute yes, practical no!

They actually have a tiny little itty bit sterile backing so you might be able to get away with using them on the smallest of small cuts every! Or a pimple? I mean I never said I wouldn’t want around with a cupcake bandage slapped on my cheek or forehead to cover a zit. Hell that might or might not have already happened in my life!

Love me some cuteness none the less but maybe I better stick to my Muppet Bandages for the bigger cuts!

Available at amazon.com.

  • 4/28/14 11:18 Gillie:

    I may have to indulge…living with 3 boys (hubby included) means I have Hot Wheels bandages, and that’s about it. While I do enjoy being “cool” to the under-10 set, there’s something a little off about showing up to work on Monday morning with a yellow Mustang covering my boo-boos.


    • 4/28/14 11:21 Isabella Muse:

      LOL awwww gillie! but but hot wheels are cool! haha!


      • 4/28/14 11:45 Gillie:

        Hot Wheels are cool – they’re just not girly-cute. :)

        You got me googling bandages because Mother’s Day is coming up, and my mother is always talking about some bug tattoo bandages she had a few years ago. I didn’t find those particular ones, but Holy Moly, there are some cool bandages out there! I was half tempted to take up rollerblading again, just so I could order some bandaids.


        • 4/28/14 11:47 Isabella Muse:

          LOL! 😀 they have a ton of different ones true! The Muppets are my fav and hello Kitty of course 😀


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