Lush Rose Bubble Bar Review

Lush Rose Bubble Bar

If you buy only one bubble bar this year please let it be the Lush Rose Bubble Bar! It is a MUST have. Not only is the design utterly adorable but it smells just like Lush’s popular Rose Jam but on a bit of a lighter scale (I love the way Rose Jam smells but I’ll be the first to admit it can be headache inducing at times).

This pretty little rose shaped bubble bar is a must have!

Rose Bubble Bar

I was delighted shaking my Lush Rose Bubble Bar out of its packaging recently. I mean I had seen promo images but actually seeing it in person is an entirely other ball game. They just did such a great job with it. Swirls of bright fuchsia and glittering lighter pink are swirled together to create this pretty blooming rose with a cute sugary leaf to complete the look. It’s just too cute!

Lush blends together the scent of rose along with tart lemon to create the Rose Jam scent. It’s very sweet, very fruity, with that beautiful level of floral rose to give it complexity. It’s really like no other fragrance around! Very unique. It can be overwhelming at times to but I felt like the bubble bar had a touch of subtly to it and the scent seemed a little tamer.

It creates mounds of gorgeous bubbles plus there’s a heaping dose of fair trade organic cocoa butter in the bubble bar so you’ll come out of your bath feeling all slippery and moisturized!

To use it simply crumble it under hot running bath water and swirling it around. It’ll creating a ton of fluffy lathering bubbles that you can sink into and relax.

Technically Rose Bubble Bar was created as Mother’s Day gifting idea but I’m not a mom and I’ll still be hauling a few to keep on hand. Heck, I even purchased one to tuck in my bra and undie draw!

Sadly it’s only around for a limited time so grab it now in stores or online at



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  • 5/1/14 22:43 cat:

    Is it shaped like a rose? Because it looks like a pink sentient rock creature sticking its tongue out. 😉 Anyway, I might have to step back into a Lush store to smell this one. I used the Pop in the Bath and mushroom bubble bars I had in my stash a while ago and even though I still think Lush is overrated, it made me want to treat myself to a few of their products again.


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